Royally Matched

by Mckenna James

He’s a prince, I’m a nobody. I don’t belong in his glittering world of castles and private jets.
I’ve been burned before, and I’m still trying to clean up the messes from my past.
No way will I fall for some smooth-talking aristocrat even if he’s got the hottest bod I’ve ever seen, and a killer smile that makes me forget where I am.
I’ve got to get my life together, and I don’t need his help, thank you very much.

As the Crown Prince, I need to find my queen.
But, in a room filled with suitable matches, I come across Lisabet.
The haunting notes emanating from her cello awaken something in my soul, and I know I must have her.
The fact that she’s not interested in becoming a queen is but a minor detail.
I’ll stop at nothing to make her mine…

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Category: Contemporary Romance

not bored

by Aurora Darklight

Guys never look at the tall chubby woman. Not that I give them a chance working six days a week and spending the seventh doing laundry or watching movies with my best friend. How did the perfect life become boring? When my best friend agrees to jump into the exciting unknown, endless opportunities appear. None make my heart flutter until I see Kent. A guy like that would never like a girl like me.

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance

not hidden

by Aurora Darklight

Falling in love with a billionaire isn’t all it’s cracked up to be…
Kent did everything right. For the first time, I couldn’t see my life without a man in it. Our relationship wouldn’t have come without challenges since we lived and worked several hours by plane from each other, but that wasn’t insurmountable.
Until I found out who he really was. A billionaire that has the personal phone number of presidents and kings says he loves me – a curvy restaurant owner from a small town.
Can I trust him after he hid who he was from me? If I do, how do I fit in his world of power and prestige?

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Kiss of the Goddess

by Tessa Cole

“Annie Chambers hates snow, her job sucks, and getting laid? Ha! In her dreams. When she slips on a patch of ice, opens her eyes on a tropical beach, and meets the eyes of a beautiful… merman?… she’s positive she’s dreaming. Or suffering the world’s best concussion. But as long as she’s hallucinating, she might as well enjoy it. And this dream lays it on… thick. What woman wouldn’t feel sexy under the heated gazes of not one, but four men who worship her like a goddess?

These men are as magical as the world they live in. Yet this world isn’t perfect. A strange sickness is sweeping through the people, and when Annie discovers a magical ability of her own that can help, it attracts the wrong kind of attention.

Suddenly Annie’s dream isn’t just reality, it’s a nightmare — and the four men who love her will sacrifice everything to save her from an ancient evil that wants her dead.”

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Fallen Prey

by Aliya DalRae

One Scottish Vampire.
One Sassy Shifter.
One Common Goal.

Peopling is hard, especially for a Vampire hybrid with, well, people issues. Everything was fine until Kitty entered Harrier’s life. Now, feelings he buried centuries ago have resurfaced, all because a tiny cat Shifter with bad table manners was too curious for her own good.

Kythryn Flannigan is all about the shock value, using sarcasm to smother the pain that has defined her adult life. But then Harrier bulldozed in, and she was one smitten kitten. Underneath his grumpy demeanor and giant-redwood proportions she sensed a male who, if nothing else, would make her toes curl.

Now, a threat from their past has resurfaced, and the apparent end-game is to see her dead. With Harrier as her bodyguard, Kythryn may well survive the feral attacks only to fall victim to something far more dangerous: A Vampire capable of stealing her heart.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

The Baby Bargain

by Ellis O. Day

Billionaire Harker has everything he wants except a child.

His employee Alison is the perfect woman to have his kid. She’s kind, compassionate and loving. She’s everything he’s not and he wants her more than he’s ever wanted a woman.

The only problem is she only sees him as a friend, but he didn’t make his billions by giving up easily, and he’s determined to have her in his life and his bed.

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Category: Romantic Comedy

All the Stars

by Duckie Mack

Rider has always been in love with his best friend, Cam. But since he can’t have the one person he really wants, he’s content with casual hookups.
Cam longs to find someone who can stick it out through thick and thin, but he hasn’t found that person yet.
When Rider ends up telling Cam how he feels, Cam is left re-evaluating everything. Maybe the one he was looking for was there all along.

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Category: LGBT Romance

The Freeman Brothers Boxed Set

by Natasha L Black

What girl wouldn’t love a millionaire? What if you had five to choose from? Four equally alluring brothers and their best friend? Lucky for these five fabulous ladies, the decisions weren’t hard. Enjoy a series full of finding your true love, and the HEA that comes along with it!

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Category: Collections & Anthologies Romance

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