A Last Chance Christmas

by Vicki Lewis Thompson

A cowboy’s Christmas wish…
A rough childhood convinces saddle maker Ben Radcliffe he’s not cut out to be a family man. But delivering a saddle to the Last Chance Ranch over the holidays drops him smack-dab in the middle of the close-knit Chance clan. He’s eager to get out of Dodge…until he meets their feisty cousin Molly Gallagher. He has no business starting a relationship with someone who’s all about family. But he’s never wanted anyone so much in his life.

Molly’s stunned by her instant attraction to Ben. Logic deserts her, even though getting involved with him makes no sense when they’ll soon go their separate ways. Still, the more she learns about this caring, yet guarded cowboy, the less she’s willing to accept his vision of a lonely future. He’s fenced in his dreams, and she longs to open the gate.

Will the Christmas spirit gift him with a change of heart?

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Category: Western Romance

A Christmas Changes Everything

by Isabelle Grace

Formerly an elite soldier, Chace Dutton is trained to deal with the toughest situations. Yet nothing has prepared him for sharing Christmastime childcare duties with the only woman he’s ever loved-Holly McCade. Chace and Holly are given a glimpse into how their life together might have been but will they have the courage to take this second chance?

$0.99 Previously $3.99

Category: Holidays Romance

All For Love

by Weston Parker

What’s worse than planning your wedding? Glad you asked. Planning your parent’s wedding. And I have to do it with my soon-to-be stepmother’s daughter. I want her, but she’s off-limits. The forbidden fruit. I’m doing it all for love.

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Category: Contemporary Romance