Safe Haven: A Sweet Small Town Romance

by Leeanna Morgan

Fans of Robyn Carr’s Virgin River series will love this small-town, feel-good romance!

Hayley Elliott’s sister has found a cure for Alzheimer’s and their mom is living proof that the supplement works. To keep everyone safe, Hayley has to return to Montana. But she can only do that with help from Tank—a man who’s living with a secret more heartbreaking than her own.

Tank has spent his life protecting people. He works for one of the most successful security companies in the world, makes more money than most people see in a lifetime, and has a past no one can ever know about.

With more at stake than their own lives, Tank and Hayley have to decide what is more important—protecting the past or risking everything for love.

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance


Night Elves of Ardani: A Fantasy Enemies to Lovers Romance

by Nina K. Westra

When Novikke is taken captive by a night elf, she has no hope for mercy, especially since they don’t even speak the same language. Trapped in his unforgiving homeland, a vast forest of shadows and magic, she’ll have to rely on her wits and her sword to survive. But when he shows her unexpected compassion, she begins to see him in a new light…

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Category: Fantasy Romance


Daddy’s Sweet Ride (Lost Coast Daddies Romance Book 2)

by Olivia Fox

Chloe rarely has “symptoms” anymore with help from medication and therapy. But when her mooching sister racks up charges on her credit card, her bi-polar disorder comes to call. That same day she meets Jax, and his daddy dom ways set her at ease, while leaving her body delightfully disturbed.

My scorching hot auto body shop boyfriend really knows how to handle his tools: Hitachi wand, hydraulic lift, to say nothing of his sizable apparatus.

Not only that, he wants me to call him daddy.

He doles out spankings and punishments like they’re going out of style. He buys me presents, calls me “princess” and when we’re all alone I am his sexy little pet that will stop at nothing to satisfy his filthy mind.

Daddy’s Sweet Ride is a standalone book in the Lost Coast Daddies Romance Series with habanero hot sex scenes, an HEA, and a sassy baby girl who finds a daddy who won’t give up on her. It does not feature age play, pull ups or pacis.

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Category: Erotic Romance

Sizzling Hot Daddy (Lost Coast Daddies Romance Book 1)

by Olivia Fox

Gracie’s lights go out in the middle of the night and Luke is the only one who can turn her back on. Turns out, he’s a daddy dom who’s dying to shock her in bed. One thing is certain in this forced proximity story…sparks fly faster than you can say “spanking”!

Luke: Gracie is too tempting.

A hot mess.

And she’s too easy to access in my guest room.

It’s a real shame how her mouthwatering curves are driving me mad.

Ruffly undies, little girl squeals and delicious voluptuousness all make me want to taste her.
She’s armed with stuffed bunnies and a stockpile of vanilla cupcakes against the world.

A world, which has shown her its worst before she was old enough to fight back.

She needs a protector, and I won’t stop until she realizes I’m the man for the job.

Will she learn to follow my rules?

Or will she sass and disobey on purpose in order to receive my special brand of discipline?

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Phoenix’s Touch

by Tai James

What do you do when the man of your dreams is real?

Kiera Wade never thought the man she had been dreaming about was anything more than a figment of her imagination. On a mission to save her crew, Kiera crash lands in hostile Atlantean territory, where she finds out her dream lover, Phoenix, is real and claims she is his destined soulmate.

Phoenix Vasilakis, a prominent Atlantean orator and the unwilling leader of change, is willing to risk everything to help Kiera, even though it could mean death. He has a secret, though, one that could jeopardize it all for him and Kiera.

Stranded and held at the mercy of the Atlantean council, Kiera has to find a way to help her people before Scavengers kill them, but when things heat up between her and Phoenix, she discovers that’s easier said than done. With so much at stake, will Phoenix and Kiera embrace their growing feelings for each other, or will everything fall apart?

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Category: Science Fiction Romance


Any Fin For Love

by Petie McCarty

She could almost hear the fish laughing at her . . .

Cody Ryan’s father never missed fishing the annual Loon Lake tournament until his unexpected passing. So this year, Cody packs up her how-to fishing videos and her dad’s old johnboat and gives him one final entry.

Gage Connor needs some R&R away from his coast guard deployment catching drug smugglers along the Louisiana coast, so he borrows a bass boat from his buddy and heads to Loon, Alabama to do some fishing.

When Gage and Cody meet at Loon Lake, their attraction is immediate and intense—until the two discover there is only one boat slip left on the lake and they both need it, and there’s only one vacant hotel room left in Loon and they both want it. Thus, their competition begins. Both vow to keep their distance from the other to fight the temptation, but fate has other plans. The tournament pairing party picks the two-man teams and chooses Gage as Cody’s partner.

For two days.
Alone on a boat.
Working as a team.

Good things come to those who bait . . .

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Category: Romantic Comedy