Surprising the Billionaire with a Baby

by Elizabeth Lynx

A one-night stand that ended nine months later in a big surprise!
I never meant to get stuck in a dark closet, naked, at the holiday gala.
As a self-made billionaire and head of my tech company, the last thing I thought would happen was being pranked by my brother at an expensive gala. Instead of mingling among the crowd of potential investors, I was cold and alone with only some holiday string to keep me company. But then a Christmas miracle happened…
The door opened and a beautiful woman appeared. My savior. Until she stepped inside, the door swinging closed and automatically locking behind her.
Now she’s trapped with me. All we had was time. Might as well get to know each other.

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Category: Romantic Comedy

Vampire Slayers: Dead slayers tell no tales. (Vlad V Book 3)

by Mit Sandru

Cat Sanders is a billionaire, but not all is well. Her nemesis, Veronica Seyler, allied with a vampire-slayer drug cult, demands extortion money or she will be killed.
Cat’s vampire friend, Angelique, comes to her aid. But the cult is more cunning and dangerous than even her vampire friend could handle. Would Cat and Angelique be able to come out of this alive even if Cat pays the ransom?

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Category: Gothic Romance

Vampires of Transylvania: Pray that you won’t become their prey. (Vlad V Book 4)

by Mit Sandru

Cat Sanders has a simple task: spread Vlad V’s ashes in Transylvania at midnight, during full moon. But in Transylvania Vlad V has centuries old enemies who take her and her friend Tudor hostage, placing them in iron cages among zombies and proto-vampires. Will they be able to escape from the blood sucking proto-vampires and flesh-eating zombies, or become zombies themselves?

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by Jill Burrell

A destitute single mom. A grieving widower. Will they open their hearts to love before it’s too late?
Breaking down in a nowhere town called Providence wasn’t part of the plan. But with a young daughter to care for, Amy’s stranded and desperate. Widowed and desperate to find his daughter, Ben fixes cars and avoids people. He can’t stand to see the pity in their eyes. There’s something different in Amy’s eyes, though.

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance


by Jill Burrell

A busy rancher. An injured woman. Will her memory return before the killer does? Rancher Jake Winters’s quiet life is turned upside down when a car crashes on his property. The last thing he expected to find was a women in the backseat of the car with her hands bound and no memory of who she is.

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The Enchanted Crossroads

by Dora Blume

A Vengeful God. An army of evil warlocks. An inexperienced witch, the world’s only hope…

As an introverted lawyer and daughter of a single mother, Kaira has learned that working hard and keeping her head down is how to succeed. Until her mother’s death reveals a world shattering secret- she’s the mage descendant of a powerful God. And he’s come to claim her, so she can take her rightful place.

Leif, the most powerful leader of the mage coven, rescues her from capture or certain death should she refuse her father. The spark between them is instant. He’ll teach her how to be a witch. She’ll teach him how to be a better leader.

Running from a pissed off God, Kaira has to find the sisters she didn’t know existed with powers she doesn’t know how to use. As the fated pair risk their lives to find Kaira’s sisters, they must decide to resist or embrace the simmering passion between them. Any distractions could have them meeting an early grave.

Will she escape the clutches of her powerful father to find her sisters or will he capture her before the search even begins?

The Enchanted Crossroads is the pulse-pounding first book in the Enchanted by the Craft urban fantasy series. If you like strong-willed heroines, dashes of romance, and worlds dripping with intrigue, then you’ll love Dora Blume’s complete series.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

The Irish Cottage: Finding Elizabeth

by Juliet Gauvin

Elizabeth Lara trades in her workaholic, San Francisco attorney life, for a cottage in Ireland . . . and Irishman, Connor Bannon, in this enticing romance trilogy involving a well-kept secret, a box of letters, and an epic love story.

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Category: Multicultural Romance

Swing and a Kiss

by Tina Gallagher

I never thought I’d fall in love. I was the quintessential player with a lineup of one-night stands. Never any real connections. Then I met her.

One look at Karen and I felt like I’d taken a fastball to the heart. She was so sexy and real that I knew I was never going back to my old life. No more shallow hookups. She’s the one.

Now all I have to do is figure out how to get her to stop saying no and finally go out with me.


I had love once—and lost it in a cruel twist of fate. These days, I don’t have the luxury of being frivolous with my time or my heart. I’m a single mom. That’s my priority. Romance is an unnecessary hassle anyway.

Then I met him.

Dale Montgomery is hotter than Carolina asphalt in July. And he wants me. Crazy, right?

Too bad I gave up on crazy romantic notions long ago.

She already struck out at love once. Can he convince her to take another turn at bat?

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Category: Sports Romance

Snowed In with the Boss

by Christy Pastore

All I want for Christmas is for my new boss to stop being an infuriating jerk.

And to stop being so sexy.

And he really needs to quit tempting me with his panty-melting smile. Don’t get me started on his sparkling blue eyes.

I mean, he definitely needs to stop kissing me.

When I first met Ryan Quinn, I was soaking wet. He was sitting on a toilet…in a shower.

Did I mention that we were both at a pre-holiday party at a pimp’s mansion? No? Well, alleged pimp, anyway.

Weird is putting it mildly.

Did I also mention that he and I had a chance meeting at a bar the next night? The jerk didn’t even remember me. And yeah, I’ll bet you can guess where we ended up. In my defense, he wasn’t my boss that night. And while I’m being honest, I have zero regrets.

Now, Ryan, aka my boss, is saving our beloved small-town radio station. Have I told you he’s a jerk?

He should have left like he planned. But oh what fun. Now we’re snowed in together and all is not calm.

I will not give into temptation. And I will definitely not fall-la-la-la-la for my boss.

Note: Snowed In with the Boss is a bite-sized, steamy rom-com treat guaranteed to fill your holidays with humor, heart and heat.

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Category: Holidays Romance

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