How The Monster Stole Me On Christmas Eve

by Jade Price

Cindy’s neighborhood monster is happy she’s home for Christmas… with one very special package he’d like to deliver.

I finally made it home for Christmas. I love my niece, and we have a great time playing games, watching Christmas classics, and opening her presents. But it does make me worry I’ll never have a family like this of my own.

A surprise gift at the door has me drifting off to sleep, only to be jerked awake, unable to move. I’m abducted by an enormous green monster! He carries me off into the night on Christmas Eve.

When he finally unwraps me and I get a good look, I realize my kidnapper has a monstrous gift for me!

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Category: Erotic Romance

Vampire: Vlad V

by Mit Sandru

Meeting a vampire isn’t something that happens every night, even on the New York City subway. But never in her wildest dreams did Cat Sanders, a young professional, ever expect to meet the vampire Vlad V Draculesti and survive the encounter. Instead, she became his confidant. Why was she so lucky?

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

R.I.P.: The Death of an Old Vampire (Vlad V Book 2)

by Mit Sandru

Vlad V Draculesti is dying because of an incident that happened decades ago. Unfortunately for Vlad V, the US intelligence agencies investigate him to find out his true identity, and centuries-old life. Will Cat Sanders and vampire friends be able to help him die in peace, or will Vlad be discovered for being a vampire and die in a US Federal research laboratory?

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Alien Romance Holiday Spectacular

by Grace Goodwin

5 First in Series Novels from USAT Bestselling author Grace Goodwin in her world-wide, bestselling INTERSTELLAR BRIDES® universe! This special holiday box set is only available for a limited time.

MASTERED BY HER MATES: Go to space. Seduce an alien. Do NOT fall in love…

BACHELOR BEAST: What happens when this Atlan Warlord’s beast finds his mate…and she’s NOT a contestant? His beast only knows one word—MINE.

SURRENDER TO THE CYBORGS: She’s The Colony’s first bride. Everything’s going well…until warriors start dropping dead.

THE ALIEN’S MATE: He’s come to Earth to hunt down a group of murderous aliens. His targets have discovered his weakness…his human mate.

THE ASCENSION SAGA: Three women. One mission – leave Earth behind, claim their birthright and ascend to the throne. They will need the help of three dominant, bossy alien warriors—whether they like it or not.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance

A is for Aiden

by Natasha L Black

A baby? Impossible.

I moved to the mountains to start a new, quiet life.
Danger followed me.

Aiden is my protector.
A gruff ex-Marine who saved my life
When the men who killed my father came for me.
Sparks between us turned to a hot affair
Hiding out in his cabin has its perks.

Hunted by the Mob after they took out my dad,
I have to stay alive.
For Aiden. For our baby.
I won’t keep this a secret,
Even if it costs me the man I love.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Six Feet Apart: Love in Quarantine

by Elena Greyrock

Passion is contagious! Love in this zany, playful romance can’t be quarantined. A reluctant, wanna-be influencer, meets a mysterious undiscovered musician. A quirky character, Luna’s voice is fresh and bubbly. There is dash of speculative fiction involved in the book and its futuristic setting. This book is an easy, sexy and fun read! Featuring original songs.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Love in Rio

by Misty Rosette

Love and danger lurk in the beautiful jewel of Brazil.

When I first met the soldier William, his natural charm, dashing good looks, and the subtle thrill of danger swept me off my feet. We exchanged numbers and met a few times. I thought it was just harmless fun.

But now, he wants me to come to him.

He’s stationed in the gorgeous yet deadly city of Rio. It should be a dream vacation – but as soon as I arrive, the violence and danger start to get to me… and with William too busy with his peacekeeping mission, I keep doubting myself. Did we really have a spark, or was it just my imagination?

That’s when I met Gary. He’s smart, savvy, and dedicated to charity. What’s not to like?

But Gary is hiding a terrible secret. I worry that if I’m forced to choose between him and William, things could get ugly… and I don’t know if William can protect me.

Will I find love in this beautiful yet troubled city? Or was my vacation the biggest mistake of my life?

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Category: Holidays Romance

Love in The Carribean

by Misty Rosette

Jamaica holds lots of surprises… and secrets have a way of getting out.

With my wedding with William on the horizon, I thought that an island getaway would be the perfect recipe for letting loose and celebrating my happily ever after.

But things aren’t as perfect as they seem. William is hiding a big secret from me… and it might just blow our entire relationship apart.

Things are heating up on this beautiful island, and my girlfriends are going wild – and after William’s best friend Craig comes to calm things down, Mia catches his eye.

So while I’m left struggling to know if I can trust William after everything that’s happened, Craig is scheming how to win Mia’s heart.

Our wedding is hanging in the balance, and I’m afraid of getting my heart broken. Can I find it in me to forgive William for his past? Or is our love story doomed to end here?

And what will become of Mia

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Shifter Suspense Collection 1

by Zoe Chant

Shifters have always lived secretly alongside normal humans – but some secrets have been hidden even from shifters themselves. Until now.

Three stories of romance, magic and heart-pounding adventure, featuring protective shifters and their fated mates they’ll stop at nothing to keep safe.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

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