Crossing in Time

by DL Orton

With over 300, 5 star reviews, you don’t want to miss this “engaging, funny, romantic & harrowing” (Publishers Weekly Starred Review) action-packed, darkly comedic, dystopian, time-travel, love story—some sex, some swearing, some violence, but no vampires and absolutely NO DITZES!

Think The Andromeda Strain meets Back to the Future with a dollop of Dirty Dancing.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance



by Ophelia Bell

Emma Stonetree’s father is missing. Worse yet, her uncle’s gone too, leaving her and her two cousins, Jasper and Jade, floundering for an explanation.

All Emma can think of are their fathers’ stories—tall tales of magic, mystery, and a whole host of shifter races. Stories she might not have believed, if not for her own research into the matter—research that hardly prepares her for the trials of magic she and her cousins will endure as they set off that Midwinter’s night to discover their roots.

Nor does it prepare her for what she finds on the other side of the mystical portal her father disappeared into: the ursa, a fertility-focused race of bear shifters, with customs that defy her human sensibilities. Except she swiftly learns she isn’t really human either, and once inside the ursa Sanctuary, she is just as bound by their laws as the earth is bound by the seasons.

Emma must make a choice: accept her legacy as the heir to the ursa matriarchy, accept the love she finds with a pair of fertile ursa males, or reject her passion and retreat to her safe, mundane life, never to return to the realm she was meant to inherit—and the men that come as a package deal.

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Category: Paranormal Romance


Divine and Dateless

by Tara West

Ash MacLeod has to be a good girl if she wants to trade up her dump in purgatory for a high-rise in heaven. If only she wasn’t tempted by a sexy grim reaper in tight denim.

Good girls go to Heaven. Bad girls go all the way…

1. PMS is just as miserable when you’re dead.
2. I can’t unsee my grandpa in that leather thong.
3. My dating options have been reduced to a hydrophobic grim reaper with an aversion to commitment, a guy with a hammer stuck in his cranium, and a sadistic drill sergeant with a big whistle and an even bigger ego.
4. I left my battery-operated-boyfriend back on Earth.
5. Demons want to burn my eyes out.

Winner of the 2015 eFestival of Words Best Romance

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Category: Paranormal Romance


Bad Teammate: A Hockey Romance

by June Winters

Sure, Katerina’s a total bombshell—but I’m a team-first kinda guy.
I know better than to score with a teammate’s sister.

And after everything this team has been through, would I really piss off our best player by taking his sister’s v-card?
Not a chance.

But our first kiss was hot enough to melt a Siberian winter.
And now I’m hooked on something I know I can’t have.
If we get caught, I can kiss the Cup goodbye—
And my career with it.

But her long legs feel so damned good wrapped around my back …

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Category: Sports Romance


Second Chance with the Billionaire

by Ava Storm

Ten years ago, I left her on the dance floor and disappeared.
I needed to make something of myself; to be good enough for her.

Cassie. My best friend. My one true love.
Now I’m back in our small town, and ready to prove my worth.
I’m a billionaire and somewhat of a celebrity.
But Cassie is totally unimpressed. In fact, she almost seems put off by my wealth and fame.
As the town veterinarian, I hire her to take care of my two horses,
Hoping to find a way back into her good graces.
But just when it seems we’ve finally found our way back,
The trappings of my newfound celebrity rear their ugly heads.
Now Cassie’s the one that’s left me in the dust.

Now, three years later, fate has brought me face to face with her again,
And the secret she took with her.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Be My Santa Tonight

by Kathy Coatney

A Christmas miracle in the making.
She loves Christmas. He’s a grinch.

In Holly Krueger’s tightknit community of Conspiracy, California, everyone goes the extra mile to help each other, especially during the holidays. Between running her flower shop and organizing the Lighted Ship Parade for the Conspiracy Christmas festival, Holly doesn’t have time to think about what’s missing in her life.

Since Liam Callahan’s last relationship crashed and burned, he’s put dating on hold and focused on his career. But when Holly convinces him to be Santa for the annual Christmas parade, he wants to make all her Christmas wishes come true.

The only thing Holly wants for Christmas is Liam under her tree, but she isn’t sure he’s ready to give his heart. With a little help from their guardian angels, can Liam make Holly’s Christmas wish come true?

Tag along with this heavenly duo & get Be My Santa Tonight, Chronicle One of three Crooked Halo Chronicles Christmas stories!

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Category: Holidays Romance


Captive: An Alien Abduction SciFi Romance (The Survival Race book 1)

by K.M. Fawcett

She can escape her alien captors, but she can’t escape her heart.

Abducted by aliens and caged with a brazen alpha gladiator claiming to be her mate, rookie cop Addy Dawson refuses to breed warriors for the Survival Race–a blood sport where the last man alive wins. Nothing and no one will stop her from escaping, including the exasperating rogue determined to seduce her.

Years of killing for entertainment have turned Max into a hardened beast. The only time he feels human is when at stud. But when a fiery woman from his home world rejects him, her rebellious spirit awakens a part of his soul he thought long dead.

Bound together by a desire for freedom, Addy and Max will risk torture or worse to break out. But the hunted pair will never find refuge unless they can learn to trust each other with their lives…and their hearts.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance


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