Desired By The Boss

by Daizy Dennis

Can a bored but handsome silver fox billionaire find love and passion with a rebellious, tattooed curvy woman who’s not impressed by money or good looks?

I’ve worked and played hard on my road to success. Now I’ve achieved my goals, I’m bored and, if I’m honest, lonely.
I want a good woman, with curves, and the bravery to challenge me in all I do. Who’s also sizzling hot.
That’s not too much to ask, is it?

My corporate career bores me. I’m not bad at it. I just don’t enjoy the hustle.
I much prefer dogs to people, and would love to have a guy I can hold hands with on those long walks.
Oh, and if he’s intelligent, kind and wants to jump in bed when we get home, I’ll take it.

Steamy romance, instalove, plenty of heat, with no cheating and, of course, a happy ending.
Daizy Dennis Books – Delicious Desires

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Claimed by the Mountain Man Santa

by Zoey Rose

Trapped in my bakery with a hot Santa—is this the secret ingredient to my love life?

I’ve always believed in the magic of Christmas, but Nick—my “older, rugged, handsome Santa”—transforms belief into pulse-racing reality.

When my hunky holiday helper and I get locked in my bakery’s storeroom and are forced to spend the night together, it’s not just the stove that heats up.

And when our lips meet in a passionate, life-altering kiss, it’s as if the universe itself conspires to say, “This is meant to be.”

But time is ticking, and the holiday rush won’t wait. Do we let this chance pass like so many forgotten New Year’s resolutions? Or do we risk it all for a love that could fill our lives with perpetual joy?

$0.99 Previously $2.99

Category: Contemporary Romance