by Margot Scott

My desires are unconventional. My ward is too innocent for the things I would do to her untouched body. Yet a twisted part of me longs to see her on her knees, bound in leather, her smooth skin bearing my marks. I’ll permit her to serve me as long as she plays by my rules. If only I could stop myself from breaking them.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Christmas with the Older Man

by Natasha L Black

I was the good girl.
Now I’m breaking all the rules
For an older man
Who’s my ex’s uncle!

Older, sophisticated and sexy as hell,
He’s also my new boss.
Being the good girl left me unsatisfied.
For once I’m going after what I want,
Even if he’s forbidden.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

The Hunter and the Vampire

by LJ Red

“A cruel cosmic joke. My soulmate. A vampire hunter.” Imprisoned by vampire hunters, Drakon has lost all hope. All this damaged warrior wants is to burn his prison to the ground. Until he meets her. One look from Katrin’s eyes and he’s lost. But to escape his prison, he will have to become the nightmare she fears and lose his soulmate… forever.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Shifters Unwrapped: Shifter Romance Anthology

by V. Vaughn, Melanie James, Julia Mills, Jacqueline Sweet, Ophelia Sexton, Jami Brumfield, C.D. Gorri, Liv Brywood

Our brand-new romance books are shifter stories of love for the holiday season. Meet the shifter heroes who will make you swoon and heroines who find the mate of their dreams with a little help from fate and holiday magic.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

The Christmas Party

by Buffy Eau Claire

An entertaining holiday short-read! As the snow falls and the holiday cheer fills the air, two former high school sweethearts find themselves unexpectedly reunited and forced to confront the painful breakup that tore them apart. From hostile gingerbread house building to a drunk Christmas toast, hilarity ensues as these two work to find their way back to each other.

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Category: Holidays Romance

Rise of the Alpha

by Raven Storm

This *omnibus edition* contains all three books in the Rise of the Alpha series by best selling authors Kacey Lee & Raven Storm.

Will a chain keep me captive or help set me free?

I was lucky to escape my last pack with nothing but a few scars–a cheap price to pay for my freedom.

It was supposed to be just another run to calm my wolf, but I wasn’t going to ignore those cubs’ screams for help–even if they were from a rival pack. What I didn’t expect to find was a feral vampire, or the wolf who would change everything.

The Alpha who caught me is like all the others–all raging temper and muscles. And yet…his pack is different than mine.

But no matter how much my wolf cries ‘mate’, I need to break free.It’s time I accept the truth: I don’t belong anywhere. My wolf will never settle for anything less than she is, and no other wolf will accept what I am:

Different, an anomaly…

A female Alpha.

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Category: Paranormal Romance