Protect Me: Her Royal Bodyguard (Billionaire Box Sets)

by Blair Babylon

Dieter Schwarz had been Flicka’s bodyguard for years. He has protected her from assassins, kidnappers, and dates who got too handsy after a few drinks. He was a sharp-witted, sharp-jawed, hard-muscled former Swiss Special Forces operator who had no past that he spoke of. No one knew that he had been her first lover and broken her heart.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

The Duke Who Hates Christmas

by Bianca Blythe

Miranda West didn’t plan to flee her own wedding. She didn’t even plan to wed. But when her aunt and uncle tell her they’ve secretly posted the banns on her behalf, she decides to flee. No matter if she looks ridiculous running in her loveliest gown down the streets of London looking for a hack, or if she has nowhere to go except her great-aunt’s crumbling castle on the coast. At least she can finally celebrate Christmas just like her parents always did and create a place for her fellow spinsters and bluestockings to escape their overbearing relatives.

Caspian Arundel, Duke of Concord, is furious. Women have commandeered the castle where his militia were planning to stay. Worse, the women want to celebrate Christmas. Caspian has no time for Christmas or women. Not when that beastly Bonaparte might attack any day. He has a particular dislike for Miranda West, the leader of this despicable group of females. She already ruined his cousin’s wedding, and clearly she has every intention of ruining his militia and ensuring he’ll never be able to return to the front.

If only she weren’t so enticing.

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Category: Holidays Romance

Christmas at Wildhearst Manor

by Mckenna James

A handsome movie star, a nurse who has become the guardian of two adorable little girls, and a mansion where they will create a dream-come-true Christmas for a kind old man. Can the magic of the holidays help make their relationship last?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Salem Burning

by Daniel Sugar

In 1692, a disreputable young man breaks his engagement by accusing his fiancee of witchcraft. Little does he know, she really is a witch.

“Salem Burning” is a fast-paced, brand-new take on the Salem witch trials.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Hearts Unleashed

by Paris Wynters

Wounded, scared, broken. Haunted by the death of his friend, John Rathborne is determined to find his former canine partner, Koda, now retired and re-homed. She’s the only living being who could love him, even if he failed her. The last place he expects to find her is on a ranch in Montana where he lands a foreman job and a chance at a new start.
Katie Locke just wants the new guy gone. She doesn’t need some stranger invading her ranch, no matter how the ranch needs the help. But she can’t ignore John’s brooding presence, and even her dog shares an uncanny bond with him. When her father suffers a heart attack, Katie has no option but to trust John and put their differences aside.

Only John hasn’t told Katie about certain parts of his life–including that he and Koda were once partners. When they discover someone is out to destroy the ranch, and Katie is in their crosshairs, John is determined to protect her at all costs. But can he open his heart enough to save their blossoming relationship?

Falling for the boss’s daughter was bad enough, but allowing Katie to see all of him could mean losing everything he’s fought for…including Koda.

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Category: Western Romance