To Tempt a Scandalous Lord

by Liana De la Rosa

Alicia Lindsay, the dowager Countess Lindsay, has spent her life under the dominion of men— leered at yes, but ultimately silenced and cast aside. But widowhood has granted her the freedom to voice her critiques against injustices in articles that have enraptured the nation. Resolved to bring about political change, Alicia’s investigation of the newest party candidates leads her to the captivating, hardheaded Lord Inverray. She’s unprepared when he proves to be not only charming but chivalrous when a slight wardrobe malfunction—with all eyes of the ton upon them—forces her to accept his proposal. Now she’s keeping a huge secret from her soon-to-be-husband.

Niall Campbell, Marquess of Inverray, has spent years finding support for numerous legislations to help his fellow Scots. Now poised to grasp the party leadership, his success has been threatened by some anonymous articles critiquing his campaign. Niall vows to find the author and silence them, no matter the cost. But when he finds himself engaged to an alluring widow with a sharp tongue, his plans get derailed in more ways than one…

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Category: Historical Romance

Christmas Polar Bear

by Kestra Pingree

Falling in love wasn’t the plan.

Cedar Mongoyak knows who she is and what she’s good at. She’s a polar-bear shifter, a go-getter, and part of the biggest shifter alliance in the world: Trinity.

She can handle anything. Or so she thinks before her new assignment in Eurio, Alaska.

Set the place straight? Done. Keep an eye on an unstable Alpha polar bear without falling head over heels for him? No promises.

Gale Blanc’s kind of sexy should be illegal, and his cub is too cute for this world. What’s a girl to do when she has to stay under the same roof as them and spend Christmas with them too? Give in. Probably.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Deadly Peril

by Emily Jane Trent

Navy SEAL Thaddeus was trained to be alone. After years of deployment, he can’t envision losing his heart to a woman. Then he’s assigned to bodyguard Jana, a woman with a secret worth a lot of money. He’s clear on one thing: he’s not marriage material. But Jana affects him as no woman has.

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Category: Military Romance

Sin’s Daughter

by Eve Silver

Immortal Amber Hale is forced into an uneasy alliance with Kai Warin, the man who claimed to love her only to betray her. But which is more dangerous—the dark forces hunting them both, or the smoldering passion that threatens to consume them? New York Times bestselling author Lara Adrian raves the Sins books are “Sleek, dark and utterly seductive!”

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Stolen by the Wolves (Viking Omegaverse #1)

by Lyx Robinson

*Once the wolves of Dublin take control, who knows what they plan to do with us?

They are savages. And we are at their mercy.*

It is the year 870. Hordes of Vikings sweep through the lands of Northumbria and Ireland, raiding and pillaging.

Tamsin has always been safe behind the walls of her sanctuary. Safe enough to yearn for a glimpse of the world beyond. But with the Viking threat looming, even her secretive kingdom must open its gates to invite allies.

And she gets far more than a glimpse.

The three lords of Dublin are on the hunt for women of her kind. Thrain Mordsson, youngest of the three and bent on a personal vendetta, doesn’t take much stock in the ancient prophecies.

Until he finds himself standing right in front of a fiery-haired princess. And the touch of her hand wakes an ancient magic in them both.

All he knows is that he must protect her from the coming storm at any cost.

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Category: Fantasy Romance

Taming the Wolves (Viking Omegaverse #2)

by Lyx Robinson

*First I was dragged into a Viking fort.

Now I’m to be used as bait. To lure the enemy with the scent of my heat.

Breathe. Just breathe.*

The world that Tamsin knows is on the brink of disaster.
Her kinswomen have been found. Their sanctuary lies open for the plunder. Poised to besiege them are the Vikings and Albans, joined together in a frightful alliance.
But Tamsin has already made a crack in that alliance.
After plotting the murder of her husband, she and her unlikely ally Thrain Mordsson must face the consequences together. The King of all Alba sends them on a perilous mission.
They must lure a dangerous Pictish warlord into a trap.
And kill him.
Tamsin must work together with Thrain and his brothers to accomplish her task. To succeed, they must learn to trust one another.
And Tamsin will discover what she’s capable of, once danger arises under the full moon…

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Cuckold and Hotwife Erotica Story Bundle – Stories of Explicit Cuckolding

by Raven Merlot

Inadequate but accepting husbands…
Voracious wives…
Well-endowed bulls…

It isn’t JUST a dream. Some people do manage to make it happen.

Raven Merlot is one of them. She’s a real-life cuckoldress with a devoted cuckold husband. This group of seven stories is based upon her wild experiences and still wilder fantasies! In this bundle you’ll find stories of marriages stuck in a rut, of tattoos that seem to give the wife incredible control over her husband, of experimental couple’s therapies, and so much more!

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Category: Erotic Romance

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