Her Dirty Rockers

by Mika Lane

Should I forgive and forget… or get even?
Dirty Bandit. The hottest band in the world. Talented. Good looking. And the biggest jerks ever.
Yeah, every girl loves a bad boy rockstar. Or three.
But what about stuck-on-themselves too-cool-for-school party boys who can’t keep their d*cks in their pants?
Who also happened to make my life a living hell in high school ten years ago?
No thanks.
But when they needed help with their image years later, they called me. And now I have to clean up their act before they lose their multi-gazillion dollar record deal and world tour.
That’s how far gone they are.
Now I’m babysitter to a bunch of party boy rockstars.
But they’re paying me a sh*t ton of money, and for that, I can put up with a little… madness while I clean up their reputation.
It’s only a few weeks. And then I’ll be back to my orderly existence.
Or so I thought.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Her Dirty Teachers

by Mika Lane

“My English professor, whom I’d shaken my *ss in front of less than twenty-four hours earlier, recognized me without any trouble. Yup. While I stood there droning on about my favorite author, he was probably remembering the freckle on my left butt cheek.”

Wellshire University’s hottest professors. Brilliant. Good looking. And terribly off limits.
My Math professor is dexterous with his… equations.
My English professor is a champ at caressing my… run-on sentences.
And, my French professor is magnifique around penetrating… verb conjugations.

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Taboo Boss

by Natasha L. Black

Workaholic playboy, hookups but nothing more—that’s my style.
Or it was, until Amanda did me a favor.

My assistant, dedicated, delicious, and so forbidden.

Out of the office, it’s a different playing field.
No rules. Winner takes all.
Because I mean to take ALL of her.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


So Wrong

by Ajme Williams

One plan.
One fake marriage.
One big disaster.

Everything about Dylan melts me.
He’s more than that ripped chest… those strong arms.
The best thing about him is his daughter.
The daughter that I babysit.
He shares Maisie with his ex-wife.
But I see the concern in his eyes.
He wants his daughter to be loved, to be safe.
…and he needs my help.
A fake marriage with me would win him the custody battle.
The only hiccup?
I let him take my V-card and get me pregnant.
I shouldn’t have kept it a secret.
Now, I have a baby and divorce papers on the way.
After all, our relationship was always fake…
Or was it?

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Take a Mountain Man Home for Christmas

by K.C. Crowne

This holiday season take a big burly mountain man home for Christmas.

This collection is filled with seven satisfying and cozy small-town romances, each nestled in the ice cold and snowy mountains.

You’ll get lost in small-town life, with sweet and sexy mountain men, who are swoon-worthy, rugged and protective.

Cozy up next to seven highly acclaimed books from K.C. Crowne’s Mountain Men of Liberty and Bearded Brothers series’.
This is the perfect collection of love stories to curl up with as you sip a cup of hot cocoa next to the fireplace!

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Category: Contemporary Romance


The Lost Archangels: Prequel & Book 1

by Tatenda Creed

After years of planning, Lucifer has discovered a means to kill his siblings, the Archangels. It’s a perfect plan. One he’s sure Jude will not see coming. Neither will the Archangels who’ve now become complacent, self-righteous, judgmental, and arrogant.
The battle begins when Ava, the woman chosen to veil the Sacred City of Ashbourne, cries out for help.

Everyone has a plan, a need, or a desire, except they forget the one plan that matters most—God’s. The outcome is shocking, one that triggers a never-ending battle, and unveils a love story like no other.

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Category: Paranormal Romance


The Bootlegger’s Bride

by M.K. Chester

A teenaged war widow on a mission finds a disillusioned WWI veteran.

As Prohibition begins, Grace Currie searches for Aiden Palmer, the man she truly wanted to marry when she was forced to marry another. Seeking cash and excitement running bootleg liquor for an unknown investor, Aiden is jaded and not easily convinced Grace still loves him.

To be together, they will need to learn to trust again, out-maneuver her power-hungry brother, and outrun fast competition.

And the clock is ticking.

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