Better Off Dead

by HP Mallory

Legendary Celtic Bladesmith, Tallis Black, is dark, brooding and definitely dangerous.
I know I shouldn’t trust the immortal Druid, but he’s my only chance at surviving the Underground City.
Scarred by and trying to make amends for his violent past, Tallis Black is the epitome of the word ‘loner’.
Living in the Dark Wood with nothing but monsters for company, I have to seek him out so he’ll forge me a sword in preparation for a journey I’m in no way prepared for.
While Tallis is massive (seven feet tall) and beyond sexy with his Scottish brogue, kilt, and midnight-blue eyes, he’s also surly, gruff and beyond scary, so you can imagine my surprise when he offers to train me and act as my escort to the Underground City, AKA Hell.
I know I shouldn’t trust Tallis, given his reputation and the fact that secrets cling to him like flies on, ahem…
But desperate times call for desperate measures…

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Category: Fantasy Romance


by Ida Brady

Savannah loves nothing more than a good romp in the sack. If she’s not doing it with her paraplegic gamer boyfriend, Arcas, she’s at the very least daydreaming about it, preferably with a duke from the 19th century. Her overactive imagination means she can’t help but fantasize about the R-rated pastimes of the peerage, adding her own scintillating scenes to her favorite historical romance, Love and Honor.

By day, she dreams about the commanding Duke of Maddern and his seduction of Miss Emmaline Collins, the innocent, headstrong beauty whose heart he broke long ago. By night, she embarks on a year-long sex challenge: to experience and document her wild bedroom antics in her online blog, Sexcapades.

But when her conservative past threatens her newfound freedom, Savannah must find the courage to stay the course. Hovering between Regency England and modern-day Melbourne, she begins a journey of sexual exploration that no one had seen coming.

Not even her trusty little Rabbit.

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Category: Historical Romance

A Cat Burglar Christmas

by Pamela Gossiaux

Angels, an old song, and a love letter. The perfect mix for a Christmas miracle!

Reformed cat burglar Tony Russo is looking forward to spending this first Christmas together with the love of his life, Abigail. He’s hoping for jingle bells, goodwill towards all, and lots of kisses under the mistletoe. Then, he and Abigail find a Christmas angel tree topper in the church’s donation box with a secret of its own, and their lives suddenly become intertwined with others as they search for clues.

Their days before Christmas are taken up with solving a mystery, helping those in their community, and saving a wayward kitten. When a lonely, homeless man shows up in their lives, Tony and Abigail realize that things aren’t always as they seem, and that God may be using the stories of others to bring about the couple’s own Christmas miracle.

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Category: Holidays Romance

Red Wolf Hunting

by Amberlyn Holland

Wolf-shifter Rory will use any means necessary to find an ancient magic relic. Even consult with a fortuneteller who’s gift relies more on sleight-of-hand than any kind of clairvoyance.
But it’s her niece Aileen, the captivating local huntress, who offers to guide him to the treasure he seeks.
And it’s Aileen who betrays him for it.

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Category: Fantasy Romance

Ours to Keep: A Why Choose Romance Anthology

by Amanda Richardson and Other Authors

Not all bad things happen in threes, even fours–maybe even fives.

Society tells us we must choose, but what happens when our hearts disagree?

I thought I could fit into that small box of monogamy, but I couldn’t.

My heart was cracked into pieces, and they each held a piece of me hostage.

I was theirs to keep.

And they were mine to choose.

Loving them was easy, but surviving them was hard.

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Category: Erotic Romance