The Christmas One Night Stand

by L. Steele

I got pregnant from a one-night-stand with my worst enemy
Then I walked into the office to find out he was my new boss…

In my defense, I hadn’t planned on having anything to do with Hunter Whittington again.
So what if his jaw can cut glass, his gaze is piercing and he has a body that haunted my dreams.
Our values are contradictory.
Our principles are contrasting.
Our upbringing couldn’t be more different.
He’s the entitled Oxbridge educated billionaire on track to become the leader of the country.
I’m the daughter of a shopkeeper, who by sheer determination rose to become a PR specialist.

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Category: Holidays Romance

Hot Mess

by Ava Gray

Meeting a hot Hollywood heartthrob might be a dream come true for some. But for me, it was an absolute nightmare.

A nightmare that I didn’t want, especially during the holidays.

I knew it was over for me when I gazed into Nick’s eyes at that Hollywood party.
I instantly regretted my decision to come to LA, and I was right…
Spending the night with the playboy led to trouble.
A blackmailer that had inappropriate photos of me.
I was absolutely clueless on how to handle the situation.
And meanwhile, my heart ached for Nick.
I didn’t think I’d see him again.


He asked me to fly back and pretend to be his girlfriend.
It was an offer of a lifetime.
Not because of the fame, but the money.

But a fake relationship turning into something real also meant that I would have to come clean.
And I was hiding a huge secret from him.

Actually, two secrets…

That Christmas was going to reveal huge surprises… but was Nick ready for the shock of his life?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

The Lost Vampire

by LJ Red

His mind has forgotten her… but his body remembers.

Aaron can’t trust the human doctor. He knows she’s keeping secrets. He’s sure she’s part of the hunter plot that brought him down, but the only way to get the truth is to trick it from her own lips.

He’ll seduce the truth from her.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Santa Loves Curves: A BBW Christmas Romance Collection

by Lana Love

Three strong men + Three curvy heroines + The best time of the year = Three instalove Christmas romances that will steam your holiday season!

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Category: Holidays Romance

His Christmas Gift

by R. S. Elliot

My high school enemy is my new boss.
He’s also my fake fiancé and now…
I’m having his baby.

Each book in this series is a standalone and can be read in any order.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

My CEO’s Secret

by Riley Flowers

Warning – Do Not Drink in Vegas.
May cause you to wake up married to a domineering billionaire!
Aaron Steel. Antisocial. Ruthless. Enemy number one.
The man that deflowered me.
It’s been years since we’ve seen one another.
But I was desperate enough to take the job as his secretary.
Yet I didn’t expect to marry him – let alone carry his baby!

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Category: Contemporary Romance