Crazy Rich LA

by Bo Grant

Camille Lee has to make this business deal happen if she wants to skyrocket her start-up company to the big leagues. Wade Bloom is there to close the deal.
When business brings them together, will they be able to mix business with pleasure or will they have to choose?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Caleb’s Fight

by Holly J. Martin

Former streetfighter turned playboy and businessman Caleb Johnson makes an emergency call to a family friend after his sister leaves her dog with him. The vet who shows up, the gorgeous Dr. Ashley Walker, is the first woman he’s met who isn’t impressed with him. It’s intoxicating.

But the kind-hearted Dr. Walker has a troubled past to rival his own, and it’s come back to haunt her. If Caleb wants to protect Ashley, he’ll have to resurrect the deadly skills he left behind—and hope the path he takes to save her won’t drive her away forever.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Faire’s Fair

by Grace Grahme

Kathryn Reilly is struggling to get a foothold for her young business in the 90’s tech boom. When her new executive client turns out to be the same passionate rogue who nearly seduced her at a Renaissance Faire, she chalks it up to one of life’s cruel jests and vows to not let the near one-night stand interfere with the contract her firm needs.

CEO Ian Somerland rarely hears the word “no” in business or romance. Kathryn’s apparent immunity to his charms is a puzzle, as he knows firsthand the passion that hides behind her buttoned-up exterior. Ian loves a challenge, and he is determined to make getting her in his bed his next big win.

Kathryn does her best to keep their relationship all work and no play, but she is outmatched when Ian turns his seductive skills on her. Can she keep from losing her heart to a man who is one of the city’s biggest playboys while chasing the most important deal of her life?

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Category: Contemporary Romance


by Teagan Kade

The football bad boy with the blue eyes and broken memory. Harrison Miller is making waves on the Brain Injury Ward, but as his therapist, I have close, intimate access. I said I wouldn’t date a guy like this again. But every time those upturned icebergs look my way, I’m lost, going down hard and fast, unable to draw breath again.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Sharing Noelle

by Margot Scott

Thirsting after my older stepbrother is dirty enough. Falling head over heels in lust with his lumberjack dad is just plain greedy. The only thing these stubborn, dominant alphas can agree on is that they both want me. I can’t possibly choose between them, so I won’t. This Christmas, one hard man isn’t enough for me. I’m claiming them both.

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Category: Holidays Romance

Glass Ornament Christmas

by Cheryl A. Hunter

Shayla Toselli is a young woman living in England in 1896. She is a glass blower and works in her family’s glass shop. Christmastide is a very busy time of year with special orders, parties, and celebrations, and this year, the Christmas tree in the town will be lit with electric lights for the very first time. By chance, Adam Preston, the new Duke’s youngest brother and former soldier, finds himself in the Toselli workshop while waiting for his brother to come look at glass ornaments for the Christmastide Ball. Adam watches Shayla work and is intrigued by her and by glass blowing. He convinces Shayla to let him work in the shop alongside her and learn the trade. The temperature in the workshop heats up in more ways than one as the unlikely pair work together in the days leading up to the ball on Christmas Eve. This will certainly be a Christmastide to remember.

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Category: Holidays Romance

Shopping for a Yankee Swap

by Julia Kent

Billionaire Declan McCormick goes head to head with his mother-in-law, Marie Jacoby the Queen of Frugal, to find the craziest gift for the annual Yankee Swap, one of the Jacobys’ much-loved holiday traditions. Only one can win the competition, but there’s always a surprise–or ten–when it comes to celebrating with Shannon, Declan, and their ever-expanding family.

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