Sweet Distraction: Stag Brothers Book 1

by Lainey Davis

Tim Stag had everything under control…until he hired Alice.

He has taken charge of his family ever since his mother’s death, raising his brothers while finishing college and law school early. Now he runs an empire, and nothing will stand in his way as he looks to expand Stag Law.

And then Alice Peterson comes along.

The new corporate chef is supposed to give his company an edge, but Alice Peterson is anything but corporate. Wild and spicy as her food, Alice sweeps into Stag Law and drives Tim to distraction. He’s not used to distraction.

At first, Alice fights her attraction to her brooding boss, but once she sees his softer side, she can’t resist a taste. Will their tryst be a flash in the pan or can they work through their differences to find a lasting love?

Sweet Distraction is a stand-alone, contemporary romance with an HEA and steamy love scenes. This is book one of a series-

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Master of the Hunt

by Lisa Blackwood

In a land of three warring kingdoms, a centaur huntsman and a warrior priestess might be the only hope for peace. If the two enemies don’t kill each other first, they might even find love.

Seira of Blackstone has fought in many border skirmishes against the centaurs of the lowlands, but when she comes upon a massacre, it’s soon apparent the centaur and human dead weren’t fighting each other. They were fighting together against a third, unknown foe.

Toryn, a centaur huntsman, is following the trail of a group of soul-mages when he encounters Seira, the most exquisite female he’s ever beheld. She’s majestic, battle-hardened, strong-willed, and her sharp tongue fires his blood more than any other female he’s ever met.

While Seira’s natural instinct is to kill the horseman, she’s also swift to see they have a better chance of success if they work together.

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Category: Fantasy Romance

Her Own Parisian Holiday

by LaShelle L. Turner

Shamira Clarke finally saved up enough money for the trip of a lifetime, spending Christmas and New Year’s in Paris. After months of learning French on an app, she is ready to visit the city of love and lights. Then, a family financial emergency forces her to give up her long-held dream. Staying true to her role of the good daughter, she gives the much-needed funds to her parents.

She dreads spending another chaotic Christmas stuck in Georgia with the usual holiday family drama and an absentee boyfriend; Shamira mourns the lost of her dream holiday vacation. With the help of her best friend, coworker, and fellow Francophile, she finds a little bit of Paris in Atlanta. She goes on her own local French romantic adventure with a handsome French chef, Sebastian Toussaint. Will she get to finally make her Parisian dream a reality?

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance

One Night Years Ago

by J.R. Pace

When he was twenty, Hunter Fowler made a huge mistake. He’s spent the last twelve years in prison paying for it. When he gets out of prison, the last thing he wants to do is go back to Sharp’s Cove, but he has no choice.

Natalie Bowmann isn’t a frightened young woman anymore. She’s the town’s sheriff now and she’s not going to let Fowler’s return destroy the life she’s built for herself.

When another young woman is attacked, Natalie realizes two things: that twelve years earlier an innocent man was sent to prison and, most importantly, that a monster is loose in their peaceful coastal town.

Will Hunter and Natalie be able to find him before he strikes again?

This sexy suspense romance book deals with dark themes and is intended for adult readers. Each book in the trilogy can be read as a standalone romance.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

It’s a Wonderful Lie

by Wren Michaels

He was sent to save her life, but ended up losing his heart, memories, and clothes.

Eden Credere should be in Barbados with her new husband. Instead, it was like she married Murphy and his law was ruining her life. She’d lost her dad, her job, her best friend, and her fiancé. After drowning her sorrows with rum and eggnog on Christmas Eve, she takes a tumble in a tree lot with a Douglas Fir, sending Eden over the edge.

Theliel has watched over Eden her entire life, from her first steps to her latest, where she took a dive in a tree lot. He’s always been there to save her, and this time should have been no different—until it was. As her guardian angel, he’s not supposed to be seen, but one corporeal slip-up later, and he’s got a lot of explaining to do.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

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