Christmas in Colorado

by Milan Watson

This Christmas the Prodigal Bad Boy of White Horse Creek returns!

Burke was the popular jock with the pretty girl, but behind closed doors he endured what no child should. He fled from the nightmare that had become his life seven years ago and built a new life in Florida. A call from his baby sister catches him off guard but not more than the news that she’s getting married on Christmas Eve. Burke vowed never return to White Horse Creek, but he wants to walk his sister down the aisle.

His return isn’t welcomed by all. Least of all Lisa whom he’d left broken hearted years before. But before he can slay any demons he’s got a wedding to plan, one the town of White Horse Creek will never forget. To help him his sister assigns her best friend, Scarlet.

Scarlet had a crush on Burke back then, but this time it isn’t just a crush… and it’s not high school anymore…

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Remedial Rocket Science

by Susannah Nix

The last thing Melody expects when she starts her new job is to run into her college one-night stand again. Not only does the hunky blast from her past work at the same company, he’s the CEO’s son. Can a shy computer nerd find love with a billionaire playboy? Or is she headed for heartbreak?

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Category: Romantic Comedy

Gilded Lies

by Lin Lustig

An actor, a bodyguard, and a murderer, all with supernatural abilities, must free an Abnormal who’s been kidnapped by an ability-harvesting corporation. If only the actor hadn’t dated them both. Or inadvertently founded the corporation. He’ll have to come out of the closet in more ways than one to redeem himself and rescue his love life.

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Category: LGBT Romance

Beauty’s Curse

by Brantwijn Serrah

The death of a tyrant king should have set her free. Instead, Sadira could be dead by dawn.

After the fall of Alaric Khan, Sadira finds herself still at his mercy, held siege in his castle by a deadly curse: Alaric’s ultimate revenge. Surrounded by chaos, rising paranoia, and disasters, Sadira discovers an unlikely ally in the barbarian warrior Bannon Sha’kurukh. Alaric’s killer… and her new Master.

To escape Alaric’s power, Sadira must bring Bannon into her secret world of domination, possession, and desire. But their quest to uncover Alaric’s secrets—and their own ruthless passions—draw them closer and closer to an unspeakable conclusion.

The source of the curse… can only be Sadira herself.

Fans of The Witcher, Immortals After Dark, and Anne Rice’s Sleeping Beauty series will love this high-heat, fantasy romance full of dangerous liaisons and passionate themes of power exchange.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

High Risk

by Siena Noble

Six years ago, Kiera Anders resolved to put her painful past behind her, seeking a fresh start in New York. She didn’t count on her past finding her again in the form of Caleb Martin – her brother’s former best friend and her first love. Now with millions to his name, a playboy reputation, and a closet full of skeletons, the cold and distant “Mr. Martin” is so different from the sweet Caleb she once knew.

But some things are hard to forget, and the passion that still sizzles between them can’t be denied. No other man could give Kiera that sweet taste of dominance and submission… and now that Caleb’s offering it to her again, how can she refuse? But things aren’t as simple as they used to be, with Kiera’s career on the line, a mountain of secrets between them, and Caleb’s sordid past threatening to catch up to him. It’s dangerous to mix business with pleasure… but it is worth the risk?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Flying High

by Siena Noble

Six years after the tragedy that ripped us apart, fate has thrown us together again. I thought I’d moved on, but the intoxicating pull between us is too strong to deny. I’ve fallen back into his bed, and now I must do all I can to keep my damaged heart from falling again as well. Because I’ve only scratched the surface of the enigma that is the new Caleb Martin, and there’s danger lurking beneath the decadence of his life. And our illicit arrangement is far from the only secret that Caleb is keeping…

For the next month, I am his. The clock is ticking, and only seems to move faster as the dark shadow of Caleb’s past looms over us. Will it be enough time to break down the barrier that keeps him so closed off? Or will whatever he’s keeping from me rip us apart again before the clock runs out?

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Alaska Spark

by LoLo Paige

Tara Waters loves being a firefighter and the adrenaline rush of fighting wildfires and saving lives is her calling.

Ryan O’Connor helps Tara when she fails to save someone on a wildfire. She figures she owes him one. But she doesn’t owe him her heart because of his undeniable charm and good looks. He tries to help her deal with the line of duty death, but Ryan has his own demons he wrestles. Is Tara the spark his life needs?

Someone is sabotaging Tara on the job and she soon discovers a threat more dangerous than fire—a threat that can destroy everything she’s worked for and another chance for love that could be snuffed before it ignites.

As Tara and Ryan grapple with the unknown, they discover fighting fire isn’t just about battling flames—it’s a fight for survival-and a willingness to risk everything for love.

This smoking hot romance will have you turning pages long into the night.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

Pretend To Be Mine

by C. Morgan

My ex-wife cheated on me and is marrying him. And I have to attend the wedding for my daughter’s sake. A gorgeous fake fiancée will do the trick. And she’s pulling out all the stops. I’m not sure who’s more convinced about her affections, my ex or me. Needless to say, she’s willing to pretend to be mine. The only question is, can I keep her when it’s all over?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

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