Once Upon A Time: Billionaires in Disguise: Flicka (Her Royal Bodyguard Book 1)

by Blair Babylon

When a modern princess falls in love with her bodyguard, a royal fairy tale turns dangerous.
When princess Flicka decides to flee her violent ex, her bodyguard, Dieter, is the only one who can help her. But their irresistible attraction heats up in ways neither of them expected…

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Category: Contemporary Romance


The Five Families: Books 1-3

by Jill Ramsower

Love and danger are intertwined for the Genovese sisters as they’re caught up in a dark web of schemes and violence—and find the ruthless men who will rule their hearts.

Forever Lies
When Alessia gets stuck in an elevator at work, she’s trapped with Luca, the hottest man she’s ever seen. But she can tell something dark hides beneath his charming façade — especially once he decides he’s not letting her go…

Never Truth
Sofia swore she’d never forgive Nico for leaving her in darkness. When Sofia’s powerful father hires Nico to protect her, Nico knows he’ll never be strong enough to walk away from her a second time — but convincing her won’t be easy…

Blood Always
Maria knows her arranged marriage is the best thing for her family, but she didn’t count on her husband’s ruthless determination to possess her—or their sizzling chemistry. Will they survive the passion that burns between them?

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance


His Daughter’s Best Friend

by Natasha L Black

I need this internship to help pay for law school
I’m lucky my friend convinced her dad to hire me.

One morning I come down to breakfast to find him sitting at my mom’s table,
Might I actually get my happily ever after?

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Category: Contemporary Romance


The Billionaire’s Arrangement

by Amelie S. Duncan

The Billionaire’s Arrangement
Paul Crane is rich, brilliant, and powerful. And I belong to him, body and soul…
I came to New York City to study design and build a life for myself. The last thing I was looking for was love.
I needed money for my family, for the medical bills that threatened to pull us into poverty. I didn’t have time to worry about my loneliness, to fill that cold empty spot in my heart…then I met Paul Crane.
At first, it seemed like Paul was the answer to all my problems. But after he rescued me from a desperate situation, I soon discovered Paul had demons of his own.
Paul wasn’t looking for a lover… He wanted a companion, a kept woman. And I was captivated by his charm, lavish gifts, and trips to Paris.
And his touch awakened my desires, passions I had never dreamed of.
But the closer we get, the more I begin to wonder. What happens when our arrangement comes to an end…

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Category: Erotic Romance


Christmas in Eden

by Natalie Knight

This obsessed daddy belongs at the top of Santa’s Naughty List.
I wasn’t marrying for love. My foster brother’s widow needed health insurance and looking after. I’ve got a Chicago penthouse I barely live in and more money than God. It was a business transaction, plain and simple—until I met my new fiancée’s daughter.

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Category: Holidays Romance


Fake it For Good

by Weston Parker

I need a fake date as Mrs. Claus to prance around town this holiday. And some lucky girl is about to have the ride of her life. The pretty little thing that signs up for the job is almost too good to be true. Charity work is her middle name, and she’s beyond giving in the sheets. I’m a guy who can appreciate balance. A good girl with naughty-list tendencies? Sign me up.

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Category: Contemporary Romance