Daddy’s Doctor Friend

by Dolliana Jeffries

Young Naomi is in med school and needs direly to get a doctor’s interview done,
A lot is riding on the line and time is running out,
Her only option is to ask her dad for help,
Help from his doctor friend, Dr. Caine who Victoria can’t stand to be around,
When she arrives at his private office, immediately he notices something very different,
She’s not the little Victoria he once use to tease,
But he still likes to push her buttons,
He’s enjoying her too much, now something is growing inside the older man,
He knows he can’t cross that line, the younger woman is off-limit,
But the feeling inside him is strong and relentless,
And the more Victoria interview’s him, the more her inexperienced body is reacting to him,
With days of interviews ahead, will that be just too much for them to hide from love?
A steamy, age-gap story

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Category: Erotica

Father Christmas

by Margot Scott

Before my best friend passed away, I promised I’d look after his little girl. I kept that promise for eighteen years, until the night she became mine four months ago. I know it in my bones that she’s the one I want to come home to. But when I get my hands on her again, she feels different. Softer and fuller in places that can only mean one thing…

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Category: Holidays Romance

Scarred Devil: A Russian Mafia Romance

by Lisa Lovell

And so, I said the words that ruined my life: “I do.”

What if you found out that you were born for one single purpose?
Wed a Russian Bratva boss, hand him your V-card, give him an heir.
You guessed it: that’s what happened to me.

A few days ago, I was a normal girl, living a normal life.
Now, I’m crying at the altar, bound to the Devil himself.

It doesn’t matter that he’s six feet tall, built like a rock, and sinfully gorgeous.
Or that the way he looks at me makes my body crave submission.
The scar on his cheek is a forever reminder of who he really is.

They call Lev Ivanov “The Devil” for a reason.
With a thirst for blood and a reputation for violence, he’s not exactly husband material.
And now, he says I’m his property.

My only chance to survive is to fall into his darkness, bereft and naked.
And before I know it, his belt lashes, and my thong is ripped off.
Before I know it, my fierce resistance is turned into moans of submission.

A few days ago, I was a normal girl, living a normal life.
Now, I am being consumed by the Devil.
And the worst part?
I think I’m starting to like it.

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Category: Erotic Romance

The First Dryad

by Teshelle Combs

The Romance Story Of A Generation
Aia spent her life in hiding…until her secret was discovered and she was taken to the Palace in chains. Now, among the last crop of an ancient arboreal race, she will have to prove herself useful to the High Prince to survive. But alas, love is ruin. And the last of one race might become the first in another.

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Category: Fantasy Romance