Deviant Sin

by Lee Piper

I’m rich, angry and powerful, and I have one thing in my sights—revenge.

Nothing’s going to stop me from executing my plan and taking down the man who dares to call himself my father. Not even her.

Curves for days, hair a man can wrap his fist around, and a mouth begging to be owned, Temple thinks she can stop me. Dragging her into my world, putting a target on her back—it’s all part of the plan.

Claiming her wasn’t.

But now I’m addicted to playing her traitorous body like a weapon, and the only thing that will save me is sacrificing her.

There’s a reason they call me “Sin”.

*DEVIANT SIN is a complete standalone in the Cruel Desires series

Cruel Desires Series

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

The Hit, Team Zulu Series Book 1

by Julie Weaver

Finalist in the 2021 Romance Writers of Australia Emerald Award.

He’s her one chance for survival.
She’s his last hope for salvation.

When hitman Elias “Shep” Shepherd accepts a Mafia contract, he doesn’t expect his mark to be a woman—or the sexiest thing in grease-stained overalls he’s ever laid eyes on. Feisty auto mechanic Cameron stirs something inside the Special Forces veteran’s battle-hardened heart. Despite the risks, he’ll do whatever it takes to protect her, even if it means hauling her to his remote mountain cabin and breaking his no visitors rule.

If the Mafia discovers Cameron is still alive, Shep will need every one of his elite skills to keep them both safe. Although he’s no longer sure which is more dangerous—the enemy’s demand for merciless retribution, or the woman who makes him wish he was worthy of her love.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

The Rescue, A Team Zulu Christmas Novella

by Julie Weaver

Unlucky in love, Lilly Hart regrets volunteering to cover the New York CIA intelligence desk on Christmas Eve. That is until field operative Dylan Fox—the swoonworthy spy she’s spent far too many hours daydreaming about—dials in requesting her assistance. But before Lilly can explain his life is in imminent danger, their call is cut short, and it’s up to Lilly to dash through Manhattan and find him before it’s too late.

Dylan Fox can’t believe his luck when a gorgeous brunette crashes into him on the sidewalk and drags him into a crowded, dark bar. But when he realizes it’s none other than Lilly Hart, the intelligence analyst with the sweet voice he’s fantasized about for three long years, he thinks all his Christmases have come at once. Although, with an assassin on their heels, it could be a rendezvous to remember for all the wrong reasons.

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About Time You Proposed

by Lisa Renee

Second Chance at Love. Forced Proximity. Enemies to Lovers. Christian Small Town RomCom.

Emily Masters would rather weed the entire Roosevelt National Forest than work with Ethan, the Georgetown Railroad Troll. But her ex-boyfriend manages Clear Creek Adventures and would be the key person to promote her production at the local theater.

Ethan Winters avoided his childhood sweetheart since she’d crushed his heart when she chose a career in LA. Now she’s back for two months and working with her is sweet torture. The old feelings resurrect to life, and all his friends tell him it’s about time he proposed.  He has but a few weeks to overcome his fear of commitment and plunge into unknown territory. But when Emily is offered a TV deal that will catapult her career, how can he compete?

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance

Fighting for Us

by Ajme Williams

He’s the man who ruined Christmas for me forever.
The one who broke my heart.
The same man who still holds those broken pieces in his palm.

Oh, I wanted to punch him when I saw him years later.
But I was the one responsible for fixing him.

DJ is a discharged Army Ranger with a broken back.
I’m his physical therapist.
And his ex-girlfriend.
My job is difficult to say the least.
Especially when his rough hands remind me of his touch.
When the pain in his eyes tell me that he still loves me.
Maybe I’m delusional.
I probably am.
Because I’m seeing two pink lines on a pregnancy stick.
My job just became more difficult.
And the secret is getting bigger by the day.

Will this be another round of heartbreak or… a surprise happily ever after along with the surprise baby?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Hot Hex

by Aurora Grey

She’s a new witch learning to control her powers. He’s a dragon shifter with a centuries-old vow to destroy her coven.

Book 1 in The Raven Society series, featuring second-chance, enemies-to-lovers, dragon-fire HOT paranormal romance. Magic, mystery, danger, and always an HEA. Read Rowan and Xander’s super steamy and epic love story today, FREE with Kindle Unlimited!

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Heat Up Before Sexual Storm

by Skye-Anne Chariss

Pat, an adventurous young man, goes on a sexual exploration with his fiancé that might end their engagement…

Pat, an adventurous lawyer, experiences pre-wedding jitters and begins to doubt their sexual readiness. He encourages his fiancé Glory that they should go on a lifetime sexual adventure.

The couple agrees to embark on a journey of bizarre sexual adventures that will unleash the sexual wildness they have not known about themselves.
Will their commitment to each other survive these escapades?

The couple is prepared to acknowledge desires they never knew existed. But how far is too far? What happens when they cross the line?
In the end, will their experiences enhance their marriage Or destroy their lives forever?

Gear up for a gripping love drama like no other. Packed with adventurous action and plenty of wild emotions, Heat Up Before Sexual Storm Boxset is a no-holds-barred romance that’s perfect for readers looking for a story they won’t soon forget. So, scroll up and grab your copy now!

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Category: Erotic Romance

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