Her Second Chance Cowboy

by Natalie Dean

When Ben accompanies his mother to an old friend’s funeral…the last person he expects to see is her. Ben and Chastity were high school sweethearts whose three-year relationship ended dramatically. But they were once in the head-over-heels, can’t-breathe-without-you kind of love. And now, they suddenly find themselves pushed into each other’s lives again in the most surprising of circumstances.

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Category: Western Romance


Challenge Accepted (Gamer Girls Book 2)

by Auryn Hadley & Kitty Cox

The last thing Riley needs in her life is a man. Especially not one who thinks he’s better than her. With her neon dreads, a few tattoos, and a chip on her shoulder the size of the draft horses she loves so much, Riley insists she doesn’t care about anyone’s opinion but her own. She just didn’t expect this guy to be so…


And yes, Void is everything she’s ever wanted. He’s also her competition.

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Category: Erotic Romance


The Slot

by Colleen Charles

From the moment we meet cute over powdered sugar, I yearn to melt the icicles dripping from her tailored tweed. She’s everything I’ve ever wanted, but my desire for this off-limits front office suit puts my Hall of Fame career on the line. Because the woman who I can see as the mother of my children might just turn my world upside down.

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Category: Sports Romance


The Extra

by Janci Patterson

Gabby Mays wishes she had her future figured out, like her gorgeous roommate Anna-Marie, who has just landed a role on the hit soap opera Passion Medical. Gabby would give anything to find a career she’s half as passionate about as Anna-Marie is about acting—and a love life that isn’t comprised of nights with a party-sized bag of Doritos and her Netflix account.

When Gabby becomes a recurring extra on Passion Medical, she finds a job she’s surprisingly great at. Even better, her old crush and ex-boss—the sexy, sweet Will Bowen—is writing the scripts, allowing Gabby lots of quality flirting time at the craft services table.

But between feuding divas, fake Emmys, and Gabby’s growing concern that Will might not see her as anything more than a friend, her life on set is quickly becoming a drama worthy of the soaps.

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Category: Romantic Comedy


Dark Genius

by H. Peter Alesso

An international crime mystery with romance.

After his troubled past, Lawrence hoped for a fresh start when he met Emma. But before they could begin, their world was turned into a lie.

Everything was torn away from them and they were embroiled in computer hacking and murder. He had to dodge the FBI while hiding from cyber-terrorists.

While trying to throw off the ghosts of his haunted past, Lawrence had to run faster and faster to evade the shadowy forces after him.

Could he redeem himself and find his true love?

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance


The Perfect Reunion

by Miley Maine

My biggest blunder was losing the love of my life… my wife.
The worse part? I deserved it.

But I’ve since gained my senses back.
I’m ready to claim my wife and my family.
Yes, she took our daughter away when she left.
How could I blame her?
I had secrets. Ugly ones.
And it was time for them to come out.
My destruction was inevitable.
But the universe has a way of fixing things.
Especially for a man with resources and money.

And I’ve made myself a promise.
I’m determined to undo the damage.
I will marry her again.
Come what may.

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Category: Holidays Romance


You Deserve a Spanking – 50 BDSM Erotica Stories: Explicit BDSM for Adults

by Alexandra Noir

Let’s push the envelope!

Are you ready for some heat? Inside are 50 explicit stories with bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, and so much more.

These stories include paranormal erotica, stories of women aggressively seeking submissive pleasures, stories of women taking control, couples experimenting together, a police woman learning to let go, and so much more!

This is a collection of Alexandra Noir’s published BDSM stories. You can get over 1,000 pages of erotic stories in this one download!

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Category: BDSM and Erotic Romance


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