Give Me More

by Sara Cate

I’m a scoundrel

Playboy. Man whore.

Basically, I get around, and I’m not afraid to admit it.

So when my best friend opens up Salacious Players’ Club and asks me to head the construction, how could I say no?

Now we’re on a cross-country road trip touring other kink clubs, and I couldn’t be happier.

Life is good.

Then Hunter suddenly asks me to sleep with his wife…while he watches.

I’ll do anything for my best friend, but this is the one request I should say no to.

Isabel is the woman of my dreams, but she’s his.

And the exact reason I should say no is the one reason I say yes.

Because it’s not only Isabel I want.

These are the two most important people in my life, and if we go down this path, how will I ever be able to walk away?

I’m not sure my best friend understands just how much I’m willing to do for him—and why.

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Category: LGBT Romance


The Consequence of Anna: A Heartbreaking Historical Family Saga of Love, Friendship, Obsession, and Madness

by Kate Birkin and Mark Bornz


The Amazon #1 Bestseller reminiscent of The Thorn Birds and The Light Between Oceans, inspired by a true story from the 1930s.

When Anna’s beautiful American cousin Lottie returns to a remote cattle station in Esperance, Australia, she shares her heart’s greatest desire to have a child. Anna, suffering from undiagnosed mental illness and afraid of losing her beloved cousin again, manipulates her unwilling husband to grant Lottie’s wish. What follows brings devastating consequences for them all . . .

Deeply poignant and beautifully written, The Consequence of Anna is an extraordinary and riveting tale of obsession, forbidden romance, shocking secrets, and heartrending events that lead to one woman’s slow descent into madness.

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Category: Historical Romance


Fool Me Once (Blackhawk Security Book 4)

by Margaret Watson

In this latest, devilishly clever Black Hawk Security thriller, Alex, a successful lawyer with a heart of gold, no sooner swears to her best friend she’s going to divorce her sleazeball husband than she arrives home to overhear him hiring a hitman.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance


Cold Cruel Kiss

by Toni Anderson

When the daughter of the US Ambassador to Argentina is kidnapped in broad daylight on Christmas Eve, the FBI sends one of its best negotiators to investigate.
Supervisory Special Agent Max Hawthorne arrives at an embassy thrown into chaos as US and local law enforcement hustle to track the young woman. Is this a simple kidnap for ransom, or part of a political agenda? Could it be something more sinister?
Lucy Aston has something to hide. Preferring to stay in the shadows, the lowly, fashion-challenged office assistant resents being assigned to help Max. But Max can’t resist a puzzle…he’s starting to suspect Lucy Aston is not what she seems.
When rumors emerge of a suspected Russian spy operating out of the embassy, Lucy’s carefully constructed life begins to crumble. As she and Max race to rescue the ambassador’s daughter, Lucy has to do whatever it takes to keep her cover from being blown—even if that means betraying the man she’s falling for.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance


My Mommy’s Boyfriend

by Lydia Hall

I’d had a crush on Victor long before I was able to look into his eyes and let him hold me… I’d been dreaming of doing that since I was a teenager and he was dating my mother.

A nasty breakup led me to him ten years later.
Yes, I had to catch my breath when I saw him looking even hotter after all those years.
I was no longer the little girl that felt guilty for liking an older man and I wanted to rip his shirt off right there at the restaurant.
Victor Beringher was much more than a rebound to me.
But gaining him meant losing my mother.

Of course she’d make a scene upon finding out.
And then I’d have to pick between the two.
My heart was already torn when I faced another impossible situation.
Getting pregnant.

The news would have my mother screaming at me.
And on top of that, there was no possible way that Victor would want a baby, right?

I was about to lose not one but the two most important people in my life.
Only a miracle could turn this mess into a happily-ever-after!

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Unwrapping Their Christmas Present

by Ajme Williams

I needed to tear my eyes away from Jake Jacobs… immediately.
One glance at the hot older lawyer and I knew I was in trouble.

Jake unwrapped me like his little Christmas present.
Even though I was his new employee that he absolutely shouldn’t have claimed…

But he wasn’t the only one that broke the rules at his law firm.
Jake’s associates Zachary and Thomas also made my body tingle in ways that it never had before.

Jake’s fancy dates made me forget that I had my own bills to pay.
Zachary distracted me with his gorgeous eyes.
And don’t even get me started on Thomas.
His sense of humor almost eased my stress about the shitstorm I was in.

Just when I thought I could get myself out of the mess, the media found out about the three men in my bed.
But the secret that I’d discovered literally made my world spin…

I didn’t know which forbidden boss was the daddy, but I was sure as hell about to bear the consequences of my actions.

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Category: Erotic Romance


Oregon Lumberjacks

by Annie J Rose

The FIVE hot lumberjack brothers from Oregon are here to steal your heart and take your breath away.
Cuddle up with these Alpha men and their sassy heroines. They’re sure to heat up these long cold nights!

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Category: Collections & Anthologies Romance