Scheming Heart

by Ivy Layne

I don’t want to lie to him. I really don’t.
First of all, he’s hot. Really hot. I know I swore off gorgeous men for the rest of eternity, but Tenn Sawyer has me questioning all of my choices. At least, any choices that mean I can’t have him.

I knew she was trouble the second I lay eyes on her. Okay, it took me two minutes to figure it out. At first all I saw was a gorgeous woman I needed to get to know. Preferably naked.
She needs my help. She won’t trust me enough to ask. Every moment we’re together binds us until I can’t imagine not having her, even with all of her lies between us.
When she finally comes clean, and I understand what’s at stake, I’m not worried about going to jail. I’m too busy trying to keep us alive.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

Fate of the Wolf

by Amelia Shaw

Allara was driven away by her childhood sweetheart Reid. She abandoned her pack, her father and her life. Moving to the city was the only way to heal her broken heart. Then Reid barges back into her life, with terrible news. Allara’s father, the pack’s Alpha, is dying. The chosen predecessor of her father’s, Jaime is a cruel Beta with plans to destroy their pack. As a female Alpha, Allara is the only one who can save them, even if it means exposing her heart to Reid once again.

If only Reid hadn’t let the Alpha convince him to break Allara’s heart five years ago. He’d regretted it every day since. But he must put his feelings aside to save the pack that adopted him at birth, even if it tears his soul every time he catches Allara’s sweet scent or witnesses her dazzling smile. He doesn’t deserve a second chance. Not with a woman like her.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Shadow Sentinels Collection

by Karen Tomlinson

This omnibus edition contains all four books in the complete Shadow Sentinels series bound together in one thrilling package! Plus a bonus chapter to complete the series!

My name is Ember Rawson, and I made a terrible mistake. I trusted the Supernatural Bureau of Investigation. And they destroyed everything I loved.

Now survival takes on a new meaning as I battle to win in a world of fight rings, demons, and betrayal. But all the fighting skills in the world can’t protect me
from him; the deadliest, most powerful Alpha I’ve ever met. And fate decided a long time ago that he owns my soul. Even in this violent world, he is the most dangerous thing to my survival.

Now I must protect my deepest secret, as well as my heart.

For Hell is coming to Earth…and it is looking for me.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

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