Huge Mountain Daddy

by Izzie Vee

Cullen’s a goddamn giant and an ex-convict.
He’s oversized, unfriendly, lacks manners and obviously hates me.
Just my luck that I’m living right next door to him.
Small town? You betcha.
Like, who’d want to be stuck with Mr. Grumpy as a neighbor?
But then I see the rugged hunk chopping lumber outside,
His huge hard biceps, broad shoulders, sculpted abs,
He’s all man and muscles through and through,
I can’t control myself, my wetness pools for him,
My small, untouched body yearning for his rough manly touch,
For him to be my first, claim me, make me his,
But I know he’s way too big. I’d be his little ragdoll toy to manhandle.
The rough brute, offering nothing but pleasure and sweet pain,
It’s a shame he’s damaged goods, his issues bigger than his HUGE bulge.
Can young, soft, inexperienced me be enough to tame this big, wild, broken beast?

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Category: Erotic Romance

The Dulcie O’Neil Box Set

by HP Mallory

Join fairy and law enforcement agent, Dulcie O’Neil, as she navigates the dangerous business of monitoring the creatures of the Netherworld, dealing with her incredibly sexy but irritating partner, Knight, keeping the lecherous vampire, Bram, in line… all while trying to solve cases.
This set includes the first three books

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Category: Fantasy Romance

Seven Days on the Capital Planet

by Alma Nilsson

Investigative reporter Harmony Lane has accepted an imperial invitation to tour the Alliance’s Capital Planet for seven days. She expects to see all the usual sights and be told the same propaganda, but she does not expect to fall in love with one of her guides.
This seven-day excursion will provide not only an intimate picture of the Capital Planet and Alliance Culture but of Ms. Lane as well. Through the Mind-Body-Emotion Transmitter, Ms. Lane will not be able to hide her pain, embarrassment, or pleasure from us.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance

My Cruel Billionaire

by Laura Olsen

I got pregnant, dumped and fired…
…by my ruthless billionaire boss.

Five years later Mr. Wallace returns into my life and I am forced to work with him, but someone is trying to destroy the company and our relationship.

I have to finish the project, I need to tell him about his son and I want to feel his embrace, but…
…I can only pick one.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


by J.J. Maya

Warpaint – Book 1 in the hilarious and heart-warming Beauty Shop Girl Trilogy

Thirty-something, make-up artist, Willow Campbell, has the world at her feet. She has never been so happy.

After a whirlwind romance in her hometown of Glasgow, she marries the man of her dreams and cannot wait for her perfect new life in the Big Apple to begin.

But dashing native New Yorker husband, Rick, hasn’t been totally truthful.

The bedsit in Queens isn’t quite the luxury Manhattan loft she’d been primed to expect. And how come he’d forgotten to mention the beautiful but scorned Isabella, his ex, who seems to be part of the fixtures and fittings?

And when the US authorities start knocking on their door shouting about green cards, it seems her picture-perfect dream is shattering piece by piece.

Can things get any worse?

Will this heartbroken Brit Girl Abroad be forced to return home and leave Rick behind?

And give up on her aspirations to become a makeup artist to the stars?

Find out in J.J. Maya’s hilarious, touching and totally relatable debut romantic comedy which will tickle your funny bone and pull on your heartstrings in equal measure. Perfect for fans of Fiona Gibson, Mhairi McFarlane and Lindsey Kelk.

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Category: Romantic Comedy

My Girlfriend Bites

by Doug Solter

Sixteen-year-old Aiden sees himself as a disaster. He ran away from a fight, leaving his best friend behind to get clobbered. What girl would ever fall in love with him?

Bree can’t have friends at her new school because they might find out what she is and expose her family to the creatures that are hunting them. Bree knows she shouldn’t, but the girl offers Aiden a ride home in the pouring rain. Her black car is warm and dry.

Can Aiden win her heart and save her life? Or will he lose his confidence and get Bree and her family killed?

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