Prowling their Mate

by Tamsin Baker

Laura thinks soulmates are for suckers… But can two gorgeous brothers prove her wrong?

People say I’m too much — too big, too smart, too loud. Well too damn bad! I’m content with my plus-size body and quiet life. My thriving veterinary practice and kid sister keep me too busy to think about love.

Until two gorgeous brothers knock me off my feet…

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Lone Star Longing

by MJ Fredrick

Pregnant and alone, Lacey’s predicament delights the gossips of her small town. Nonetheless she’s determined to make the best life for herself and her child.

Beck’s just passing through his home town. Obligations keep him around longer than expected, and Lacey’s vulnerability could bind him to the town he’d escaped.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Secrets Under the Sun

by Kari Lemor

He came to find a traitor, he never expected to fall in love with a family…
Konstantine Petrakis, reclusive owner of The Ocean Pearl Resort, needs to find who is giving away marketing secrets. Going undercover to ferret out the culprit, he dons his Dean Peters persona and takes a position in maintenance.
Eleni Griffin puts in long days as the only assistant to the top brass at the resort on Last Chance Beach. Homeschooling her eight-year-old twins and taking care of her mother isn’t easy as a widow on a small salary.
Eleni’s position makes her a suspect. Yet, once Dean gets to know her and her charming family, he realizes she’d never betray the resort. His money can make her life easier, but then he’d have to confess he’s been lying to her for months. What started as a short-term project to find a turncoat might have Dean finding a permanent reason to stay on the island.

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance

Masquerade Under the Moon

by Kari Lemor

He doesn’t even know her name…
The night Demitrius Petrakis meets a masked woman at a party, he loses his heart. She spins him tales of love and adventure, captivating him. No other woman has brought these emotions to the wealthy playboy. When she disappears, with only a bracelet as proof she was real, Trey is devastated.
On the last day of her summer resort job, Destiny Fortunato, uncharacteristically, spends an enchanted evening sharing stories under the moonlight. The connection she has to the stranger is undeniable, but she needs to return to her schoolteacher life and forget him.
She treasures that night…until she finds her mystery man owns the resort. Despite the way he stirs her heart, she won’t get involved with an employer again. Trey is desperate to prove they’re meant to be, but with his reputation he’ll need to accomplish the impossible for them to get their fairy tale end

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Discerning Grace (The White Sails Series Book 1)

by Emma Lombard

Discerning Grace. London Town, 1826. Society life is stifling enough for Grace Baxter without worrying about finding true love or happiness. Enlisting with the Royal Navy, disguised as a lad, she is tossed into a watery world where mother nature is not the only threat to her life. Brazenly, she holds her own against a ship full of sailors—until her loud mouth lands her bare-bottomed over a cannon for insubordination.

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance

Big & Beautiful Box Set #2

by Mary E Thompson

Romance is coming for these four friends in this box set by a USA TODAY Bestselling Author. Can they resist the men who find their curves mouthwatering?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

The Caddie

by Kris Kassady

Cameron is on a golfing splurge to the world-famous Bandon Dunes golfing resort, and sparks fly when the smoking-hot Mariana is assigned as his caddie.

Cameron is suffering from burnout and needs some serious golf therapy to clear his head. Mariana is more than happy to be his therapist. Together, they scorch the sheets in his luxury penthouse.

But is this just a wild fling in a fantasy golfing wonderland where real world problems don’t exist? Or can these two beautiful souls from strikingly different worlds possibly forge a future together?

A heartwarming and low-stress romance between two individuals searching for the next right step in life.

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Category: Holidays Romance

Undercover In Hanalei

by Nalani Titcomb

Nicholas Ballard has dedicated most of his life to being a cop. He loves his job and his life. He’s content and doesn’t feel the need to complicate things with a relationship. However, one by one, his best friends have all gotten married or settled down over the past year, and he’s beginning to feel like the odd man out.

Nick’s resolve not to follow their path weakens after meeting a woman who makes him reconsider everything.

Leialoha is determined to exact revenge on the men who took her father from her and her mother nearly two decades ago. In her quest for payback, she meets Detective Nick Ballard and is quickly enamored.

She makes the wrong move and realizes she’s in too deep. Will Nick be there to pull her out?

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Category: Contemporary Romance