Rogue: A Romantic Suspense Novel (Billionaires in Disguise: Maxence Book 1)

by Blair Babylon

Dree’s ex-boyfriend was supposed to propose to her in Paris, but instead, he swindled her out of everything she owned except her airline ticket, so she got on the plane without him. Now, after a drunken night of bad decisions, the hottest man she’s ever seen has an indecent proposal to get her on her feet… and on her back… and on her knees…

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Testing the Cowboy’s Resolve

by Vicki Lewis Thompson

Equine vet Marsh McLintock and P.E. teacher Ella Bradley became BFFs as kids and vowed they’d never get involved in mushy stuff that would wreck everything. Ella’s wedding day clinches the deal—friends forever, lovers never. Then Ella learns her fiancé’s a lying cheat and cancels the wedding. Marsh knows his role—to comfort his devastated best friend and stand between her and the ex who wants her back. Too bad he just discovered he’s madly in love with her.

As Ella’s dream of a home and family come crashing down, Marsh keeps her spirits up and her ex at bay. He looks damn good doing it, too. Has he always been this ripped? Maybe inviting herself to stay at Rowdy Ranch to avoid her ex and recover her mojo wasn’t such a good idea. Clearly her wedding disaster is messing with her mind and her hormones. How stupid would she be to give in to a momentary temptation and risk losing the best friend a girl ever had?

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Category: Western Romance


The Summer Getaway

by Sofia T Summers

My boss hired me to care for his daughters.
Instead, he ended up babysitting me.
Well, not exactly but it’s as complicated.

Henry Fairfield makes me want to break all the rules.
First, I slept with him.
Then I fell in love with him.
And now… I’m in trouble.

He’s older than me, oh-so-wrong and completely forbidden.
And he’s my boss, which means that I could lose my job.
Along with my sanity if he breaks my heart.

But the one thing he wouldn’t do is let me get into trouble.
My toxic ex will stop at nothing until he destroys me.
Someone stopped him.
And I have a feeling that Henry will fight for my safety.
But will he also fight for my heart?

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Freed: Last Chance Series -5

by A.L. Long

Before you… there was no reason to fight,
but now… you have given me a reason to.”

Realizing that she would never get out from underneath the clutches of Winston Nelson, Alannah slowly becomes immune to his control. Fighting for what little bit of herself, before he breaks her completely, she finds the strength to fight back and bring back the woman she once was. She will never let Winston own her soul, and no matter what extreme he takes to break her, he will never have the one thing that belongs to Roman, her heart.

Contains Adult Content 18+

It is suggested that you read Bought, Slaved, Taken, and Broken first.

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Category: Erotic Romance


Bad Mood Billionaire

by Ali Parker

The hottest guy I know is grumpy AF, and married to his job! No clue why I thought signing up to be an assistant to a billionaire with a stick up his butt was a good idea. Scratch that. It’s the money. The fact that he has me wanting to lock his office door and behave poorly isn’t helping. He’s got a big burden, and I’m just the girl to help lift it. This bad mood billionaire is all mine.

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Category: Contemporary Romance