Just Three Dates

by David Burnett

Karen and Mark have abandoned hope of ever falling in love.
Since Karen broke up with her last boyfriend three years ago, she has not dated the same guy twice, and only one man in ten has received so much as a goodnight kiss as she turned him away.
Mark still dreams of his almost-fiancée, and his date book has been empty since he threw her out a week before he’d planned to ask for her hand.
Karen’s mother tells her she needs a husband. Mark’s mother says he needs a wife. But left on their own, these opposites will never attract. As a result, their mothers become matchmakers. They entangle their children in a series of blind dates, suggesting that, in the absence of love, a marriage of convenience is a live option… But is it?

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Category: Romantic Comedy

The Bloodwite Series

by C.L. Mecca

**All four novels in the completed Bloodwite series, including the brand-new, full-length conclusion, The Assassin’s Redemption.**

When vampires move to Stone Haven, PA, Alessandra Fiore and her friends will be caught in the middle of an ancient feud that threatens to shatter the peace, and awaken passions, in their sleepy, tight-knit town.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

The Cougar’s Den (Books 1-3)

by Bella Beaumont

Emily Curtis has never had time for kids or a husband. Now she’s pushing forty and massively successful, but she knows she’s been missing something . . .

And she knows exactly what it is: A hot stud half her age who can keep up with her and put her in her place. She’s still attractive and curvy, so there’s no issue there. No, the only issue is finding the right young, hung guy to do the honors—and maybe more than one!

Once the horny cougar finds her first prey at a jazz bar, she knows the world is her oyster. These boys are too easy . . . and she’s too eager to get herself stuffed, stretched, and dominated!

(Contains the first three sizzling books in “The Cougar’s Den” series: Momma Finds a Cub, Momma’s Personal Trainer, and Momma Gets Ganged. Warning: Contains strong language and explicit scenes.)

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Category: Erotica

Shattered Innocence Trilogy: Boxed Set

by A.L. Long

A romantic story of suspense and mystery begins to unfold the minute Rade Matheson, a handsome billionaire, meets Dylan Adams, a simple girl. Rade’s obsession to get catch the man who stole from him, ends up costing him the one thing he never thought he had. One wrong decision could cause him to lose her forever. Will the power of love prevail or will his secrets destroy the one thing he has only ever wanted, her.

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Category: Erotic Romance

Kittens, Puppies & Love

by Sophie Bartow

Would you expose your heart for love?

Veterinarian Emma Foster arrives in Swan Harbor with one thing on her mind, making her business a success. But she didn’t anticipate the lure of the small town or the pull of a man’s magnetic blue eyes. Their potent combination threatens to derail her well-ordered plans.
Investigator Killian Reade has used his good looks to layer masks over his true self. Until a flash of yellow peels off one. And the people of Swan Harbor add cracks in another. But when Emma looks through him, he’s forced to take a journey. One that has him searching for the man he’s meant to be.
As their barriers fade, Emma makes an off-hand comment, leading Killian to uncover a disturbing behavior in their small town. When all is revealed, will they wrap the layers tighter or allow love in and set their hearts free?

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

Marked by the Demigod: A Paranormal Romance

by Alessa Winters

Aimes isn’t the kind of girl that wakes up married to handsome strangers.

But this man is saying they are, their souls magically bound to one another. Her mind filled with intoxicating images of the supernatural man, drawing them together again and again. Thrust into a world full of Gods, Dryads, Ghosts, and Demons, Aimes must learn to walk the streets with care–because not every magical being is so welcoming to a new face.

What could be a wonderful new start for a woman on the rebound, turns into a nightmare. Her new love is on the run from his murderous brothers, twin Demigods who see him as the last thing standing in their way from ruling the world. And as the brothers draw ever closer, bodies in their wake and her new husband cornered, Aimes finds that she may be the only person able to protect her new community.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

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