by J. J. Sorel

When Clarissa starts working for billionaire Aidan Thornhill, the last thing she expects is romance. Aidan Thornhill is a self-made billionaire with a mysterious past. Fighting for the Special Forces, he returned years later with bad memories and a million dollars gifted to him by a dying soldier. Now, he’s one of LA’s wealthiest bachelors—and he’s also smoking hot.
One steamy night on his yacht, he seduces Clarissa and when he discovers her inexperience, instead of running, he takes control.
Aidan’s dark past soon places a wedge between the insatiable lovers when an ex-army pal, and a rich spoiled society girl with sharp claws stir trouble.
But he’s determined to have Clarissa even if it means putting his life in danger, while she must choose whether to ignore the rumors or leave her dream job.

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Category: Erotic Romance

Pies & Promises

by Duckie Mack

Pies & Promises is a low angst single dad romance between a stay-at-home dad who makes and sells pies and the son of a diner owner who’s taking over the diner. It features accepting families, cute kids, and sexy adult times, with a swoony HEA

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Category: LGBT Romance

Felony Melanie and the Prank War: The Teenage Adventures of Felony Melanie

by Kris Bock

You met her in the movie Sweet Home Alabama. Now see what Melanie Smooter was like in high school.

Everyone is looking forward to the big football game against Greenville, Pigeon Creek’s hated rivals. As the new quarterback, Jake is poised for stardom. But pranksters from Greenville are at work! Melanie, Jake, and their friends must recover Pigeon Creek’s stolen pig mascot and Jake’s playbook before the team is disgraced in front of the whole town.

Head back to the 1990s for this laugh out loud rom com based on one of the best romantic comedy movies of all time.

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Category: Romantic Comedy

One True Mate 9

by Lisa Ladew

Troy was a man trapped in a wolf’s body for three decades, until a nap changed his life forever. Now that he’s a wolf trapped in a man’s body, he’s not going back. Food? Good. Partying? Better. Women? Best.

Until he sees her.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

The Overlord’s Pet

by Evangeline Anderson

I never wanted to be a pet—especially not the pet of an arrogant, Alien Overlord.
Now I’m stuck on his spaceship, learning to walk on a leash and eating a disgusting concoction called “human chow.” Also, Sir demands that I go through “training” of the extra-spicy variety in order to display “proper pet behavior” whatever that means. Will I ever get back to Earth?

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Category: Science Fiction Romance

Paved in Blood: A Dark Mafia Romance

by Sonja Grey

I’ll walk through hell to be with him,
Even if the path is paved in blood.

Roman Melnikov is a deadly man in an expensive suit.
But I know what lies beneath the façade—the scars and tattoos that hint at the man he really is.
He came here to find his sister, and his search leads him to my dad and his friends.
We both want to take them down,
and the only way to do that is together.
I had no idea how dangerous it would be,
or that by the end of it, we’d all be covered in blood.
Loving Roman is dangerous,
but I can’t let him go.
His path is leading him straight to hell,
and it looks like I’m coming along for the ride.

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Category: Contemporary Romance