by Susanna Strom

Kenzie Dunwitty is laser focused on finishing college and landing a secure job. With a deadline looming, she disconnects to finish a paper. When she emerges, the world is sliding into chaos. Overnight, a simple flu virus has morphed into a lethal, worldwide pandemic. Kenzie seeks refuge at her prepper cousin’s compound and finds herself face to face with a deadly sexy stranger. Ripper Solis, ex-Army Ranger and current enforcer for an outlaw motorcycle club, protects the people he considers his own. He’s not a nice guy. Not the bad boy hero in the romance novels Kenzie’s escaped into for years. Or is he? As law and order break down, and the ever-present threat of the virus hangs over their heads, Ripper’s strength and resourcefulness offer an irresistible allure. Will love save the day, or will the perilous new world obliterate their future?

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance


by Susanna Strom

Kenzie Dunwitty is one of the lucky ones. She survived the flu that ravaged the planet, but her old familiar world is shattered. Most of the population is dead, and the institutions that hold society together have been wiped out. The love she’s found with Ripper—her bad boy biker—is more than a source of comfort. His unshakable confidence in her gives her the courage to learn how to fight for survival. And to act out her wildest fantasies.
Ripper Solis will do anything to protect Kenzie. Taking care of a woman is a new role for the hardened former soldier, a role as intoxicating as she is. But even his formidable skills might not be enough to keep her from harm.
They have their eyes on the prize: Valhalla, a cattle ranch “at the ass end of nowhere.” A place so far off the beaten path that he hopes they’ll be safe. But new threats await, and they might be even deadlier than the virus.

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Confessions of a Bossy Protector: Frat House Confessions

by C.N. Marie

Aubree Berry
Freshman year. The year of decisions. Of big changes on the horizon. Of the future. A future I’m not ready to decide on. So when Summer break rolls around and a girls trip to Las Vegas is on the cards, who am I to say no? One last ditch attempt to ignore the future and my looming responsibility. One last time to play along; heart and all, but will I live to regret it?

Easton Ashby
Ever the peace keeper. The one they come to with problems. Now, my best mates are taking me in hand and dragging me on their couples holiday. A fifth wheel if ever there was such a thing. That is until I set my sights on someone. A sexy golden waved blond with ocean deep blue eyes who sees the real me. She forces me to own my decisions and take what was meant to be mine. Until I run back to the Fraternity house, with a secret in tow.

Will Easton and Aubree work through their secret and find each other again? Can the Fraternity boys forgive Easton for not revealing his secret? Follow Easton and Aubree’s story for a holiday contemporary romance with an added twist or two.

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Category: New Adult & College Romance


Only the Positive

by Elle Thorpe

What do you do when the man you’re falling for might be facing a lifetime with HIV?

I made a mistake that might have ruined a life.
He made one that might have ruined his own.

But with chemistry off the scale, we couldn’t even make it home, both of us too impatient, ripping each other’s clothes off in the alleyway outside the bar.

Then my phone buzzed, and one devastating text message changed everything.

This male/female workplace romance brings big emotion, all the heat, and a happily ever after.

“I cannot begin to explain how much I absolutely loved this book. I laughed, I cried, I fell in love.” ~Amazon reviewer~

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Only the Perfect

by Elle Thorpe

When I walked in on my girlfriend screwing another guy, I never would have thought I’d be sitting at their wedding less than six months later. But who am I to turn down a night of free food, booze and pretty bridesmaids?

But at the back of the room, at the rejects table, I’m captivated by the woman sitting next to me. She’s gorgeous and smart, and I can’t work out how she’s single. Until I realize she’s the groom’s ex.

This single mother and I are about to turn this wedding into a night our cheating exes will never forget.

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Up for Air

by Christina Berry

Book 1 of the Lost In Austin series, Up for Air is a sexy, funny, heartfelt romp through life, love, and adulthood. At a funeral on her 29th birthday, Ari takes stock of her life and comes to a startling conclusion: she’s not happy. Mired in a stale relationship, she approaches her husband Greg about opening their marriage. To her shock, he agrees.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


The Music of Love

by Minerva Spencer

The only way Portia Stefani can make ends meet after her bigamist husband left her drowning in gambling debts is to accept a tutoring position in remote Cornwall. What Portia hasn’t anticipated is falling in love with her mesmerizing new employer.
Stacy Harrington learned the hard way to keep people at a distance. The piano is the only thing that makes his solitary life enjoyable and he’ll be damned if he allows his albinism to keep him from everything he loves. Bringing a private music tutor into his home is disruptive, but it’s the only solution. Unfortunately, nothing could have prepared him for the overwhelming attraction he feels toward his fiery new employee.
It’s not long before a shared passion for music develops into something infinitely deeper. But when ghosts from the past emerge to threaten everything they’ve built, can Stacy and Portia continue to make beautiful music together?

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Category: Historical Romance



by Sofia Aves

Mila dreams of a pair of cold, hard eyes every night. Only five years past, Wayde Logan robbed the bank she worked in, killing her friend and co-worker. A hot-shot rookie cop let the criminal mastermind get away, but in the rush, Logan left his daughter at the scene.

No longer the loose cannon that allowed Wayde Logan to escape, Callum Dane is a fast-tracked task force detective, hunting the only man who has ever escaped him.

Five years ago, Mila was held up in a bank heist. While she survived, her co-worker didn’t. Nightmares of the criminal genius’ cruel eyes have plagued her since his escape at the hands of a rookie, hot-shot cop.

Callum Dane is still chasing his nemesis. Wayde Logan is the only man he’s failed to put behind bars, and who nearly destroyed his fast-tracked police career. Now, Cal is the leader of an elite, police task force dedicated to hunting the bank robber, but for five long years, Logan has evaded capture.

When he rear-ends a car while distracted by his frustrating ex, Cal and Mila are thrown headfirst into a maelstrom of events that brings them face to face with the man they both fear.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Sleeping Beauty No More

by Aisha Urooj

Her prince never came.

Aurora woke up after sleeping for a hundred years. She was left alone and forgotten in her tower. Now she is determined to find out why. What happened in the past? How could sixteen-year-old Aurora reclaim her lost kingdom from the wicked witch and her demon army?

Aurora meets a handsome thief named Devon. He had been using her tower as his hideout. Devon and his gang of thieves, known as the Circle, promise to help defeat the witch who put Aurora under the curse.

The prince’s betrayal broke her heart. But can Aurora trust anyone else? When Aurora finally meets the witch, she offers her a deal: Rule the kingdom with her and she will help erase Aurora’s painful memories.

The future is at stake and Aurora has to decide. Will she change the lines of her destiny, or will she remain the lost princess, forever?

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Category: Fantasy Romance


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