The Baby Bargain

by Ellis O. Day

Billionaire Harker has everything he wants except a child.

His employee Alison is the perfect woman to have his kid. She’s kind, compassionate and loving. She’s everything he’s not and he wants her more than he’s ever wanted a woman.

The only problem is she only sees him as a friend, but he didn’t make his billions by giving up easily, and he’s determined to have her in his life and his bed.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


by Rebecca Barber

Noah Whittaker is the captain of the Chicago Hawks basketball team but he’s currently riding the bench. After ending up in hospital a wannabe actress stumbles into his room as ‘research’ for a potential role.

When the doctor refuses to discharge Noah without someone to take care of him, Maddy Higgins takes on the role of a lifetime. Doting girlfriend and nurse.

How long can they hold out before the chemistry between them turns something that was supposed to be fake into something more?

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Category: Sports Romance

Trouble in a Tight Dress

by Lori Sjoberg

Marine veteran Austin Flint knows all about trouble. He fought it in Afghanistan, and now he battles it at home as the head of Six Points Tactical & Security. In his line of work, he can’t afford to be distracted by anything…or anyone, and that includes Nina Petrov, his cyber security expert. She’s got a chip on her shoulder, a smart mouth. And a body that just doesn’t quit. She’s also his employee, which makes her off limits, no matter how badly he wants her. But when her life is threatened by the Russian mafia, he’ll do what it takes to protect her, even if that means breaking his own rules and claiming her as his own.

Trouble is, he doesn’t know about her past, and what he doesn’t know might get them both killed.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance