On His Bended Knee

by Shanae Johnson

In order to save his beloved ranch for wounded veterans, Dylan must get married. Maggie needs to find a home for her and her special needs dogs. A marriage of convenience could solve both their problems, but can two wounded souls believe in the power of true love?

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance


Fauxmance in the City

by Brooke Stanton

Catie’s high-profile career as a domestic goddess is a lie and she’s about to be exposed. To save her hide, she begrudgingly asks her cocky colleague, sportswriter Sam Harding, to step in as her stand-in hubby. But he’s got a secret, too. As Catie’s attraction grows, she needs all her tricks to whip up a sexy romance and save her career.

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Category: Romantic Comedy


Claimed by the Cowboy

by Vicki Lewis Thompson

Rancher Jack Chance would rather face a ticked-off grizzly than admit he screwed up. But he didn’t treat bar owner Josie Keller right and she’s gonna demand some groveling. Not his style. Can he swallow his pride long enough to win her back?

Josie’s heart shattered when Jack abandoned her. She doesn’t trust that sexy cowboy as far as she can throw him. If he’s the same old Jack, she’ll heave him out of her life faster than he can say he’s sorry. He can either man up and stake his claim… or lose her forever.

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Category: Western Romance


Brutal Savage: A Dark Mafia Romance

by Ana West

I was tempted by love once…and it had nearly destroyed my entire life.

Who’s to say another wouldn’t finish what the first woman started? Cara Ryan reminds me of everything I’m not. Too perfect. Too good. Too innocent. And still the enemy. A betrayal just waiting to happen.

I know what she sees in me—a man with a broken past, a secret hidden in the darkness, a ruthless killer that would do anything to keep his family safe. And I know exactly who she is…a reminder of treachery. A woman better than me in every way.

But I can break her from the inside out.

And then she’d never betray me.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Funny Paranormal Romance: First in Series Box Set

by Michelle Rowen

Vampires and Witches and Demons… Oh my! Looking for a devilish, fangtastic rainy day read? Dive into this first-in-series collection of two hilarious paranormal romance full-length novels from New York Times bestselling author Michelle Rowen!

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Category: Paranormal Romance


Savage Hero

by Lily J. Adams

I went from a prisoner to a mafia heiress’s bodyguard.
I have a dark past, but I’m looking forward to a bright new future.
After being imprisoned for burglaries, I’ve learned my lesson and closed that chapter of my life.
I’m never doing anything illegal again.
Too bad I’m tasked with protecting Giulia, and she’s a born rebel.
My new project is rebellious, loud, fun-loving, and determined to hate me.
But if I don’t do my job, Giulia Mancini is in real danger.
I can never let anything happen to her.
Not only because her mobster Dad will kill me…
Because I’m starting to get feelings for the girl.

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance