Corviticus University

by JE Cluney

A dash of mischief magic and four hot housemates make for a fiery mix. Dive into this steamy reverse harem academy romance today!

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Redemption of a Slave

by Laura Taylor

France in the 1800s is a brutal time to be an omega. Kept as a slave for most of his life, Dante has suffered far too much brutality, and even he would admit that the harshness of life has turned him from a civilized, obedient omega into a broken man bent on violence and revenge.

However, an odd twist of fate leads to Dante being bought by Antoine, a wealthy alpha with a soft spot for brutalized omegas. He sees the potential in the suffering young man and takes him back to his estate, determined to help him recover from the cruelty of his past.

But winning Dante’s trust was never going to be an easy task, and even less so in a society that refuses to acknowledge that an omega could ever be anything other than a slave.

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Category: Erotic Romance

Wolf (State Changers 1)

by Chris Fenwick

Alone in the world, Casidhe Keneally is frightened to unravel her family’s secret, a secret her own body has been reporting in disturbing ways. She must travel far from the only home she has ever known, to uncover the clues her dead parents left her.
Tracked to a sleepy pub in Butte Montana, Casidhe somehow locates the strange people who can reveal the truth, but the discovery could, quite literally, kill her.
Amidst all the changes she struggles to assimilate, Casidhe meets a woman who simply cannot exist, sparking a fire inside herself, she cannot fight.
Her adventures take her deep into the realm of the Fae, the powerful and ancient Irish mythological beings, who she realizes still endure. But some Fae are angry she has returned and want her dead.
In Wolf, Casidhe discovers her true identity, and love, but also finds danger as she learns what real magic looks and feels like.

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Category: LGBT Romance

Fae (State Changers Book 2)

by Chris Fenwick

Even a ferocious shapeshifter, with magical Fae powers, can struggle to hold onto the one she loves.
Casidhe has a new family and has found the love of her life. With their birthday around the corner, she’s excited to finally meet her twin brother, Cian. Life is good, right? Wrong!
Evil forces strike hard, killing her friends, and stretching the pack’s bonds to the limit. As they frantically search to find the ringleader, the pack discovers signs of a traitor among them.
All the while, Saoirse, the ancient and venerable White Wolf, leader of all State Changers, and Casidhe’s great grandmother, insists she train from a mysterious book and learn the ways of the Fae in secret.
Will Casidhe’s new powers be enough to hold on to the love of her life? Or will her worst nightmares come true, as she helplessly watches those she holds most dear, killed one-by-one?

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Suicide Season

by Yolanda Olson

It’s a vicious cycle.

Stop, start. Stop, start.

We move when the hunt has ended in one place, only to begin again.

It has nothing to do with the warmth of spring and summer or the chill of autumn and winter. Our seasons are measured by something else entirely. And while I sometimes wonder if he’ll ever tire of his god games, I also know that he enjoys it far too much to ever stop.

Hunger is never an issue for us, and because of that, what we are isn’t apparent. I prefer animals, and so does he in a roundabout way. It’s how he sees humans—as animals that lack the common instinct to survive when presented with something beautiful.

As we leave our current home for the next, I wonder what time has in store for us. Whatever it may be, as long as we’re by each other’s sides, nothing else will matter.

We’ve already gone to the end.

Now it’s time for the cycle to repeat itself.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Landing the Billionaire

by Macie St. James

Fiona Knight has just inherited her father’s penthouse condo after his sudden death. Her task is to clean it out and prepare it to sell, since she has no interest in living in the oversized space. But the billionaire living next door keeps distracting her from getting her work done.

Grayston Young isn’t just Fiona’s neighbor. He owns the very building where her father lived. But he’s also the man who plans to take away the thing that matters most to her: her small bookstore. One of his top projects involves buying up the entire strip mall and turning it into a medical center.

In their battle, they both start to realize there’s more to life than work. But one of them has to give in if they can ever be together, which means choosing love over business.

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance

Sasha & Isaac Box Set

by Victoria Yorx

Isaac is a successful man who spots Sasha, the Professor, on campus, quite by accident.
Accustomed to getting what he wants, he must have her.
He devises a plan to get close to her…but student-professor relationships are taboo. Sometimes tanking careers in the process.

What will happen when he gets her attention?

How will they hide this relationship from the other students and the university as they get closer?
We know that all secrets are found out eventually…
When their hot love affair is exposed for all to see, will Sasha choose her career or her love for Isaac?
Is the love Sasha and Isaac have for one another strong enough to weather the storm?

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Category: Erotic Romance

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