Heart of Hope

by Ajme Williams

Over 11,500 combined individual book copies sold!
400 plus reviews on individual books.
Four standalone romance novels that will melt your heart.

Our Last Chance

I made a mistake.
A huge mistake.
I knew I shouldn’t have left.
The town.
My life.
Nick, my brother’s best friend, had me at first touch.
It’s hard to resist a hot doctor like him.
Even for an innocent girl like me.

An Irish Affair

I’d always found Irish men to be irresistible.
And Devin?
He’s the hottest one of them all.
I had my chance with him.
Heck, I even have a baby with him.
A four-year old boy.
My only secret.

So Wrong

One plan.
One fake marriage.
One big disaster.
Everything about Dylan melts me.
He’s more than that ripped chest… those strong arms.
The best thing about him is his daughter.
The daughter that I babysit.
A fake marriage with me would win him the custody battle.
The only hiccup?
I let him take my V-card and get me pregnant.

Imperfect Love

A broken marriage.
A broken heart.
A broken home.
Brayden and I have everything going against us.
There was a time when we were madly in love.
Our laughter still echoes in my ears.
They say marriage is built on trust.
They said love is the foundation.
I wonder if we have either of those now.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Burning Up

by K.C. Crowne

This burnin’ hot firefighter series will transport you into the blazing firehouse of NYC’s finest fire-fighters.

The men are as rough, rowdy and heroic as they come and they each have a special spot in their burnin’ heart for one very lucky lady.

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Book 1: Big Bad Fireman’s Baby

Madeline’s family wants to cover the scandal.
But our surprise baby is going to make waves.

Book 2: Big Bad Firefighter
Chelsea ripped through me like a hurricane…
Broke down my walls. And made me a better man.
Now she’s a single mom in trouble…
And it’s my turn to save her.

Book 3: Big Bad Fire Daddy
He’s the sexiest fire-fighter and single dad alive.
And I can’t get my brother’s best friend out of my mind.

Book 4: Bonus Reverse Harem Firefighter Romance, Christmas with Four Firemen
Who wouldn’t fall head over heels for a hot fireman?
Heroic. Brave. And an expert in using his… hose.
Not to mention those damn sexy pants… I can’t get enough.
Now multiply that by four and you have a Christmas gift fit for a queen.

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No cheating or cliff-hangers but there are loads of HEA’s!

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Category: Contemporary Romance

BODIES: Erotic Suspense (Ken Ross Romantic/Erotic Suspense Series Book 3)

by Ken Ross

This is the third book in the Ken Ross Romantic/Erotic Suspense Series. WARNING: This book is shocking, in more ways than one. After WASTED PAIN & PROTECTION comes the disturbing story of BODIES in which Jerry and his gals are settled in their house enjoying what’s always been at the center of their lives, sex, until Jerry strays, and then… hey, things get a whole lot worse. One blunder, a major incident, and then they head to the greatest shocks of their lives. Although they’ve thought sex is everything, they eventually learn that there is no sex without freedom. Who survives to the last page? This story is not for the fainthearted, or for those searching for sweetness and light. It’s damned shocking. It’s sizzling hot. Its characters are even hotter. And after BODIES Jerry, Patsy & Erica’s adventures continue in three more shockers, MAMA, BROKEN SISTERS, and GOODBYE VIOLET.

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Category: Erotic Romance

Thick Wood: A Reverse Harem Lumberjack Romance

by Chloe Kincaid

It was meant to be a business trip.

Check on the secluded mountain cabins my real estate firm had recently spent a bundle building. See if they could be turned into some sort of resort getaway for the rich and burned out.

As the high-powered female CEO, I would do everything I could to make the project a success.

But with three burly lumberjacks stomping around the forest, all shirtless and sweaty, muscles bulging, getting in my way, I can’t seem to get anything done.

I just want some peace and quiet so I can concentrate. But Caleb, Mark, and Todd aren’t about to give me any of that.

They have something else in mind.

Come to think of it, so do I…

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Blood Mercy (Blood Grace Book 1)

by Vela Roth

One determined human. One honorable immortal. Can their secret alliance save their world, or will their forbidden love be a death sentence?

Cassia will do anything for her next breath. Her father rules Tenebra and her fate, and his plots have cost her everything but her life. Outmaneuvering him is even more dangerous than obeying him.

But she must find the courage to act when Lio arrives at court. He is what humans fear most: a Hesperine. Fanged. Nocturnal. Immortal. Only she sees him for who he truly is, a kind, honorable diplomat devoted to peace.

If they combine her political strategies and his powerful sorcery, can they prevent war between humans and immortals? If they dare to take the greatest risk of all—love—will they survive the king’s deadliest plot yet?

Read Blood Grace Book I and embark on a new series packed with passionate paranormal romance and epic fantasy lore.

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Category: Fantasy Romance

Blood Solace (Blood Grace Book 2)

by Vela Roth

He’ll die without her blood. But countless people will die if he claims her. Can she save him without starting a war between immortals and humans?

Lio is out of time. He must reunite with Cassia, his beloved Grace, before his Craving for her blood kills him. To get her to safety, he must convince his fellow Hesperines to take the most dangerous risk in their history.

Cassia has made herself the King of Tenebra’s worst enemy, sabotaging her father’s every move. But he’ll stop at nothing to make war on the Hesperines. To protect Lio, she must make the greatest sacrifice of all.

Can Lio and Cassia restore their broken alliance and once again work together to protect Hesperines and humans? If they do, can they still rescue each other?

Read Blood Grace Book II and continue Lio and Cassia’s epic story of ancient magic, deadly politics and eternal romance.

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Fighting for His Life

by Nola Marie

Jax and Zoey have been together for years. First as best friends, then as more. They see forever. Until devasting tragedy occurs leaving Zoey broken and hopeless. She can’t see forever anymore and she doesn’t believe in happily ever after.
But Jax can’t let her go. He needs to show her their love is stronger than anything. She is his everything – his life. And he will fight for her until the end.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Protecting His Night

by Nola Marie

Ten years ago they fell in love, but he broke her heart when he let her go. Let her go without a fight. When she needed him most.
When she comes back to town it’s apparent that neither of them have moved on. But secrets and years of anger are too much for her to let go of.
He wants her back, and will stop at nothing to make it happen. But his life is still dangerous. And her past is chasing her. He let her go once, but he won’t lose her again. She is his to love and his to protect.

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