Immortal Illusion

by Alexa Whitewolf


I’ve lived so long in the shadows, can you blame me for not giving a rat’s ass about humanity any longer? This lost village in the middle of the Carpathian Mountains is our latest hideout, lest the enemies of our royal bloodline find us again. And by us, I mean me and my five equally psychotic siblings—except, really, two of them are sweet as angels.

Anyway. Da, we’re vampiri. And not the sparkle and vegetarian kind, either. The last thing we should do is attract attention and risk exposing ourselves. But when my sister falls mysteriously ill, the only person who can help her out is the old healer in town. And when he turns up dead? That leaves me with his way-too-stubborn and modern daughter. Very human daughter, with plenty of questions and an attitude to go with them.

Wringing her neck is out of the question. Falling for her? Even more so.

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Category: Paranormal Romance


Big Daddy

by Margot Scott

When the curvy yoga instructor who makes Ben’s pulse race takes a job at his fitness center, he’ll cross every line in the HR rulebook to claim his innocent employee as his baby girl.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Alien Desire

by Melody Beckett

He’s her only hope. She’s his secret desire.

With the alien Xakul fleet poised to destroy Earth, Space Force veteran Laila Storey throws herself into the defense of her home, and an alliance with humanity’s last hope–the Taureans, a warrior race who has battled the Xakul and won. Laila will do whatever it takes to save her people, and can’t let anything–or anyone–get in her way…

…especially not a seven foot tall, brooding alien warrior who offers the most delicious distraction.

Commander Zac Qu’Rell wants back in the fight, but his last battle with the Xakul left the Taurean Warrior badly scarred. The wounds he has suffered are not only physical, but when he is with Laila he feels whole once more. He wants to protect her, to claim her… but the stubborn human is a challenge unlike anything he’s faced.

As Zac and Laila work together, temperatures rise, both on and off the battlefield. In a galactic war there’s no time for love…. is there?

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Category: Science Fiction Romance


Savage Royals

by Ana West

A mafia princess and a mafia prince walk into a bar…

It should be the beginning of a joke. To me, my father setting me up with Dante Scarano is a joke—just not a particularly funny one. But when the night ends with me up against a wall and Dante’s hands on my body, I know I’ve underestimated him—and the power he and his father wield.

I might be forced to marry him, but nothing about this relationship is real. Not our vows, our marriage, or the way my body responds to his. At least—that’s what I tell myself, every time Dante sets me on fire.

Dante isn’t my husband, he’s my enemy. A man who I plan to take down, just as soon as I get the chance. Isn’t that what the vows say, anyway? Til death do us part.

Here in this city, the Rosarias rule. But it’s about to get savage.

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Category: Gothic Romance


Doctor Daddy

by Ava Gray

I should change my name to troublemaker…
After randomly sleeping with a hot doctor, I found out something disturbing.

That same hot doctor would deliver my twins – our twins!

Mark is the best obstetrician… possibly in the entire country.
That means he’s got no time for games.
No time for love.
And definitely none for the big secret I’m hiding.

The list of problems doesn’t just end there.
I work as a receptionist at the same hospital.
And Mark is my dad’s best friend.
So imagine my shock when I find out that I’m having his twin babies.

Hiding this secret might be the worst thing I’ve ever done.
But do I have a choice if I want to keep my heart and my job intact?

I can barely imagine Mark’s reaction when he finds out that I’m not just his patient… but also his baby mama!

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Category: Contemporary Romance