The Stolen Princess

by Gina Manis

The Fire Element, Lee, has stolen Celine from the others. Celine’s destiny was tied to his first, and unlike the others, he had already risked all and lost.
Now is his chance to redeem—his powers, Celine, and himself.
Celine journeys with Lee reluctantly. She longs to cross this realm and return to her elements.

For Lee, this journey is about one thing. To show her they belong together. That it was written in the stars by the old mages that Fire and Water would rule together and restore balance to the realms.

Winning Celine’s love and affection will be his challenge. Staying alive will depend on them both. They will have to learn to work together and to trust one another. But a lingering threat lies between them.

Destiny has two sides. In one, there is love, forgiveness, and sacrifice. On the other, it’s darker, painful in its hate where their blood will flow.

Will Celine give up the others for a destiny full of love, or will she keep them and potentially become Lee’s enemy?

Get ready for a daring adventure romance with paranormal magic and creatures based on the mythology of the four elements, Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water.

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance

Queen’s Revenge Complete Box Set ( 5 Books in 1) – A Billionaire’s Secret Love for a Curvy Woman

by Mya Grey

Alice has been over-weight for most of her life. Born with a kind and compassionate heart, she smiles through it all. After years of bullying and being made fun of, she has accepted her life the way it is. She tries her best to help everyone she can, even if it means that they use her as a maid. 10 years later, she works for a business tycoon and billionaire, Bane Trent, who runs his own recording company, Alice’s life is thrown into a twist when her boss’s biggest star, the extremely famous singer, Joe, makes a demand. The recording company has to turn his niece into a superstar, or else. The only problem? His niece can’t sing to save her life. Alice is forced to be her ghost singer, providing her exceptional voice to the media persona of the pretty young girl. Her life changes as she begins to work closer with Bane and the two of them start getting to know each other

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance

Indecent Games – Boxed Set

by Clarissa Wild

Fifty million dollars for three weeks of your life in the hands of a total stranger. Would you do it?

When Naomi Lee finds herself out of a job and out of the money she needs to pay her father’s medical bills, she receives an anonymous letter, containing an offer she can’t refuse.

Max Marino, a wealthy businessman, wants her and he’ll pay any price.
Three weeks of her time, no-holds-barred, in exchange for fifty million dollars.
With no other means to pay her bills, Naomi has no choice but to accept.

However, Naomi isn’t the only one who signs the contract.
And Max isn’t alone in his deal.

Three brothers …
Nine girls …
All competing for the ultimate prize … marriage.

Let the games begin.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

The Billionaire Deal

by Lori Ryan

Heartwarming romance with a streak of heart stopping suspense from USA Today and NY Times bestselling author, Lori Ryan.

He needs a wife. She needs a paycheck. But neither expect the heat in their marriage of convenience.

No one puts CEO Jack Sutton in a corner, not even his mother… or her will. If he wants his inheritance, he needs to be married, but no one said the marriage had to be anything other than a business arrangement. There are plenty of willing women, and they’ll play by the rules: stick to the script and don’t fall in love. He only has to find one in time. Too bad he only left himself a few hours.

Kelly Bradley made it into the law school of her dreams, but she has no way to pay and the tuition deadline is fast approaching. Marrying a billionaire might be a bit drastic, but spending one year on his arm will make all her problems go away… if she can keep her heart in check. That’s never been a problem in the past.

It’s a business arrangement, but when one thing leads to another will Jack be able to let Kelly go? Or can he find a way to renegotiate the deal of his life?

This is a standalone book in the Sutton Billionaires Series. A shorter version of this book was previously published in the Sutton Capital Series.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Reuniting With the Billionaire

by Lori Ryan

Can they risk their hearts again?

Jill can play with Andrew Weston. They can have fun. They can even have a wild, no-strings-attached rebound fling. But he can never have her heart. Her ex-husband already tore it out and ripped it to shreds, and she can’t go through that again. Not even with the sexy billionaire from her past who tempts her at every turn.

Andrew’s falling for Jill Walsh. He knows he can’t stop it, but he can’t let her know how he feels. Not if he wants to keep his heart protected. He’s been betrayed by a woman like her before. He won’t be hurt by another. But that doesn’t mean he can let her go.

Any woman would want his vast fortune so he’ll use that to make sure she’ll marry him. But danger lurks in the shadows. And when Jill is at risk, Andrew will risk more than his heart to keep her safe… no matter the cost.

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by Mia Frances

Out of work and on the verge of being homeless, Sylvie Jenkins takes a job with a reclusive writer living in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York. He’s offering her room, board, and an extremely generous salary. How bad can he be? Her new employer, Connor Hudson, turns out to be a bestselling author and billionaire entrepreneur. He’s a drop-dead, gorgeous hunk, but he’s also surly, dominating, and demanding. He’s accustomed to being obeyed and kowtowed to, but Sylvie refuses to do either. Connor is determined to have her…and her obedience and submission as well. Sylvie eventually succumbs to his charms, but Connor can’t love her. He’s keeping secrets. The cops think he’s a serial killer. His ex girlfriends keep turning up dead! But is this strict, sexy alpha male capable of murder?

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Category: Erotic Romance

My Favorite Grump

by Miranda Grace

A Grumpy Sunshine Romance…


I’m a sucker for a pretty face.

Except this one is attached to a grumpy demeanor.

Is that going to stop me? Let me show you just how much that’s NOT going to stop me.

Charity: I did not give her permission to give you my number

ME: It seems a shame to let it go to waste. What are you wearing right now?

Charity: Oh my God. I am not having phone sex with you.

You see? I’m getting to her, it’s only a matter of time.

And I’m a very patient man.


What is it with this guy? Is he following me?
And what’s with that smile?

And those abs…

Not that I noticed them. Because I couldn’t care less.

Really…I couldn’t.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

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