Prince, (Book 1) A Million Dollar Lover Romance : An Angst Contract Lovers Romance Series

by Mya Grey

Can I ever be free from being slaves to men and money?

Snow White is such a lie, I don’t need any prince to rescue me, In fact, I hate men.

No matter how much I wish I could leave my past behind me, it haunts me every day.
The things that happened to me back then have left me with a deep-seated hatred for all men.
Desperate times have me doing things I never pictured myself doing, but I’ll do them for the sake of my mother and little brother.

Is there ever going to be a day when I won’t have to be a slave for money?

My dad thinks I’m a screwup. No matter what I do, I can’t seem to change his
opinion of me.
It doesn’t seem to matter how high I climb in the IT and AI world.
He only ever sees my mistakes. I’ll n

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Category: Multicultural Romance


Maybe It’s Fate

by Ajme Williams

I was on my way in my high heels looking like a boss babe…
Ready to prove to the world that I could make it on my own.

And then…

A hot businessman turned my world upside down.

I was shocked too.
Mainly because that hot businessman was my brother’s best friend.
He lied about being married to me.
I lied about not being in love with him.
It was like just any other modern mess.
Billionaire men have a way of ruining everything.
And when they’re also playboys…?
Let’s just say that my brother won’t be too happy.
Translation: He would be furious!
I would put an end to the mess if it weren’t for a small scandal waiting to erupt.
A baby.

A full-length fake engagement pregnancy romance featuring a super determined woman, who’s out to prove to the world that she is much more than a wild, spoilt and entitled princess. The perfect HEA and absolutely no cliff-hanger! ‘Maybe It’s Fate’ is a part of the Heart of Hope series but stands alone. Books do not have to be read in order.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Hawk: Jagged Edge Series – Book Three

by A.L. Long

The last thing Jayce ‘Hawk’ Talbott wanted was to set foot in Stillwater, Oklahoma again, but when his brother contacted him about their mother’s failing health, he had no choice but to go back. His only goal was to take care of whatever needed to be taken care of, leave, and never come back. The only problem was Paige Harper. He had to have her. Something mysterious about her hooked him, and he was going to find out what it was, no matter what the cost.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


The Breaking Series

by Juliana Haygert

Embark in a world of luxury, expensive horses, luxurious ranches and many riches.

At least, that’s what it seems from the outside.

Join Hannah, Leo, Bia, Garrett, Hilary, Gui, Gabi, Tyler, and more in these four intriguing, mysterious, romantic stories as they navigate the truth about their lives, face many challenges, and find real love.


Breaking Free (book 1)
Breaking Away (book 2)
Breaking Through (book 3)
Breaking Down (book 4)

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Category: New Adult & College Romance


Hot Justice

by Lynn Raye Harris

Dean “Wolf” Garner is the kind of guy who loves hard and leaves fast. From the moment he rescues reporter Haylee Jamison in the Guatemalan jungle, he can’t stop thinking about the dark-haired beauty. His life is too complicated for romantic entanglements though—and not even a woman like Haylee can convince him otherwise.

Haylee wasn’t supposed to be in the drug cartel’s compound, but she was captured while on a mission of her own: find the trail of fake opioids entering the US and halt the operation. Back home in DC, Haylee can’t stop thinking about the gorgeous military operator who rocked her world for one steamy night before leaving. But when she uncovers a conspiracy and finds herself in danger, there’s only one man she trusts to keep her safe.

It’s easy for Wolf to risk his life to protect Haylee and give her the justice she desires. The hard part is taking a chance and admitting what’s in his heart before it’s too late.

Before he loses the best thing that’s ever happened to him.

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Category: Military Romance


Ragnarök Rising

by Nora Ash

Five possessive gods and the end of mankind. That’s my fate.

I always thought the end of the world was a myth. But then, I also thought Norse gods were make believe too.
They’re not.
Five of them are coming for me. They claim I will only survive if I surrender to them, body and soul. But they don’t realize it’s about so much more than carnal servitude. I am so much more than they could ever suspect. So much more than even I knew.
I am the only one who can stop Ragnarök from covering the world in ice and darkness. The only one who can save gods and men alike from annihilation. And in the shadows lurks betrayal so deep it will change the fate of the world…

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Category: Paranormal Romance


The Pariah Dream Series

by LNora

Vanessa Waters is a woman in control of every aspect of her life until her world starts spiraling out of control when her dreams lull her into a world she wasn’t prepared to encounter. Her relationship too seems to be losing its luster while Vanessa struggles to figure out what to do about her troublesome nights. During an erotic romantic flashback based on a story her boyfriend wrote for her when they first met, Vanessa realizes just how deep the rabbit hole can go when dreams become a reality.
Beyond her sleepless nights, an even more sinister evil lurks as Vanessa is discovered by covert agencies to hold the key to power only they desire to control and they will stop at nothing to usurp the powers she and others like her are holding.
What will happen to her life, her relationship and her sanity as Vanessa tries to navigate the fine line between dreams and reality? Find out as you read this surrealistic, erotica laced novella. Beware, you may enter a world, you never quite suspected could exist.

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance


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