Her Russian Billionaire

by Theodora Taylor

Her ex is back and he wants revenge.
But what will he do when he finds out the real reason she dumped him…
And about their secret baby?

Revenge is best served SEXY

Russian oligarch, Alexei Rustanov, wants nothing more than to leave his past behind, including the sassy Texas beauty, Eva St. James, who so callously broke his heart back when he was a poor grad student.

But when he runs into her at a wedding eight years after their tumultuous break-up, passions ignite and Alexei decides he will settle for nothing less than red-hot, dirty, and oh-so-erotic revenge.

Can he have his Eva and get his revenge, too — without losing his heart again?

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Category: Multicultural Romance


Fake Identity at Stake

by Lisa Renee

Jake Mardell’s quiet life is thrown into a flurry when the new neighbor’s Great Dane kills his late grandmother’s prize chickens. He’s outraged that the woman can’t control her yapping dog. And to think he was going to welcome her into the neighborhood.

Under a witness protection program, Kaitlyn Hughes (alias Charlotte), is shocked upon first meeting a furious Jake, on her porch in his boxer shorts returning her dog. He doesn’t accept her apology, so she calls him a Christian hypocrite and slams the door in his face.

To make matters worse, the next day Jake slashed an incorrect delivery on his porch, which cut through a wedding dress. Kaitlyn accuses him of revenge. The useless dress only reminded her of an ex-boyfriend, who had introduced her to church but fell away from his faith. She hadn’t returned to a church since the break-up.

Kaitlyn’s judgment on Jake’s character had stung him. He is determined to make it up to his neighbor and show her Christians can be trusted. He comes up with a plan despite the risk of being pricked by the cactus-flower.

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance



by Arcadia Shield

A mission that can’t fail. A wounded alien warrior with a dark past. A woman determined to protect her heart.

Wren Tulloch needs a win. If this mission to capture a rare sapo explosivo fails, she’s out. She has to prove she’s good enough. If she doesn’t, she knows the cost of failure.

But Wren has a problem. All six foot six inches of smoldering, purple-eyed, Apexian. Her work partner is a rule breaker. A good time alien, with abs to die for and an attitude that makes her blood boil. If only he wasn’t so toe-curlingly gorgeous. But she won’t fall for him. If she does, he’ll mess her around, and her fragile heart will shatter.

Striker Bandidar lives in the moment. Screw tomorrow. He could be dead by then. And rules are for morons. But there’s one adorable Human rule keeper who’s making him have second thoughts. He won’t go there. He’s faced soul shattering loss and betrayal from people he trusted. Have fun, live for today, and everything will be fine.

But when his gorgeous, frustratingly sexy partner is taken, Striker learns some rules have to be obeyed if you’re to find meaning, joy, and a happily ever after in the stars. Will he overcome his fears and lose his heart to Wren? And if he does, will she let him in?

This standalone action-romance novel has a crew of feisty, smart women; hot, gorgeous Apexian alien warriors; action-packed battles; funny, quirky alien critters, and steamy scenes set in space.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance


One For Sorrow

by Marlow Kelly

She thinks he’s her sexy new partner.
He thinks she’s a thief and he’s been sent to investigate her.

Georgina Scott has spent her whole police career as a community officer trying to protect the citizens of Magpie from her drug-dealing father, Hank Scott. But when she suffers a head injury apprehending one of Hank’s customers, she realizes that her days as a cop are over
Drugs have been stolen from the Magpie Police Service evidence locker and have found their way into Hank Scott’s hands. Liam Mason is sent to investigate. Working undercover, he focuses on his prime suspect, Georgina Scott. But his investigation hits a bump when Georgina is injured and placed on sick leave
When she witnesses a daring armored car robbery. Liam suggests they investigate the crime together. He wasn’t expecting to be physically attracted to her or like her. Is she a cunning woman who’s hiding her agenda? Or is she exactly who she appears to be, a strong woman who’s fighting to protect the people of Magpie from her father?

$0.99 Previously $2.99

Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance


Pinkie Promise

by John Allen Thornton

Aaron and Erin Thibodeaux are not brother and sister, but their similar names cause all kinds of chaos at summer camp. When they make a pinkie promise, they have no way of knowing how it will play out–especially when their paths do not cross again until fourteen years later!
But should every youthful promise last a lifetime?
Full of light-hearted humor and Christian values, this sweet romance is sure to warm your heart like the summer sun at Faith Stream Camp!

$0.99 Previously $2.99

Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance


Becoming Hank

by Maggie M Lily

Hank & Darla Trellis have nine adult children that are just a smidge different. But, long before parenthood, they were in love.

Take a step back in time to meet a young Henry “Trip” Trellis before he met Darla and changed the course of his destiny.

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Category: Romantic Comedy


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