Taboo Sex MFMM Menage

by Dolliana Jeffries

Tonight’s the night.
Young Jeanne-Marie is still pure and untouched.
Her secret fantasy is to experience forbidden men on this very special night.
She was in luck to be visited on that special night and what happened after was total bliss.
Everything she ever fantasized about these off-limits men … and more
All of them hard, hot, ready and eager. Willing to share.
But just how much can she handle?

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Category: Erotica

More Than I Can Say

by Kris Francoeur

Georgiana is gorgeous, smart, and independent, and has no need for a romantic relationship at this point in her life. While attending a professional conference, she finds herself painfully attracted to her new boss, Jackson, and struggles to not give into temptation. When the desire is too much to ignore, they agree to a short passionate interlude there, to never be repeated again once they are home. But can they really stay away from each other? When Georgiana realizes the universe is plotting to bring them together, she is filled with joy, then it all falls apart.

Can Jack and Georgiana finally accept their love?

Will Jack stay once he knows her secrets?

Will they find their forever together?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

The Girlfriend Card: A Fake Dating Hockey Romance

by June Winters

A pro hockey player must convince his team he’s settling down – but the actress he hires to play his girlfriend turns out to be the daughter of the team’s billionaire owner.

Is this fake romance a recipe for disaster, or a shot at real love?

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Category: Sports Romance