Sin’s Daughter

by Eve Silver

Immortal Amber Hale is forced into an uneasy alliance with Kai Warin, the man she loved, the man who betrayed her. But which is more dangerous — the dark forces hunting them or the fiery passion that threatens to consume them? New York Times bestselling author Lara Adrian raves the Sins books are “Sleek, dark and utterly seductive!”

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Category: Paranormal Romance


Make Me Whole

by Marie Johnston

I had a perfect life. Schoolteacher. Married to my high school sweetheart. Little starter house that we called charming but was really just old. All I needed was the 2.5 kids, and I’d be living my perfect dream. Then my husband died.

After the funeral, I had a breakdown that lasted for a month…or 12. But now I’m reemerging, healing, finding my way. It’s time to learn who I am now and whether or not I can fix a leaky sink. And by my side, the entire time, is my husband’s best friend, Liam. The single dad knows a thing or two about personal struggles and about how to replace faucets.

With Liam, I feel alive again. Confident. Capable. Liam has become my best friend, too. Except if my parents, my in-laws, and the rest of the town had any say, I’d stay far away from him and his bad-boy reputation.

How do I admit to them what’s so hard to admit to myself? That I’m starting to look at him like he’s more than a friend. That the heat in his eyes when he looks at me is far beyond friendly. That like it or not, Liam makes me feel whole again.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


The Perfect Wife

by A.L. Long

My name is Davian Cross

I’m a man every woman wants, and every man hates.

My needs are unique, but that doesn’t stop me from getting what I want. And right now, that is Reyna McCall.

Keeping Reyna McCall safe isn’t my only task. Soon she will be mine, beneath me, in my bed.

Dangerous is my middle name.

It’s who I am and no one can stop me.

I’m a Cross and Atlanta is my city.

From Award-Winning Author A.L. Long comes an explosive dark romance surrounded by lies and deceit. The Perfect Wife is the first installment to the Sinful Pleasures Series.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Heart Punched – A Second Chance Romance

by Dawna Raver

She has the face he can’t place, and he’s the man she’s crushed on for years….

Ex-Taekwondo fighter Zach Drake has a problem: a nasty head injury has left him with a gap in his memory, and night after night, a dark-haired beauty haunts his dreams. Imagine Zach’s surprise when this same woman applies to his Taekwondo Academy summer program.

Everleigh Baze is overwhelmed by her life, and leaving her problems behind to study martial arts for a summer is the break she needs. It won’t be easy to ignore her attraction to Zach, but keeping her distance isn’t an option either. Hopefully, his memories of her and what she cost him will remain lost forever.

As the summer progresses, the lies and secrets surrounding them take their toll, and outside forces would love to see them fail.

Can Zach and Everleigh avoid a knockout punch that could end them forever, or will they fight for the happiness they both deserve?

If you LOVE emotionally-charged, steamy sports romances, this STANDALONE is for you. Get ready to fall in love with Zach and Everleigh today.

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Category: Erotic Romance


Wicked Games

by Multiple Authors including Lyssa Cole

Billionaire bad boys.

Filthy rich men who play dangerous games and are wickedly dirty between the sheets.

Let these men satisfy your deepest desires, forbidden temptations, and burning passions.

Mix business with pleasure and find out what it takes to unravel these dominating men in this scorching hot collection of eighteen books.

Being rich never looked so good.

Wicked Games is a box set of nineteen brand-new and exclusive novellas, taking us on an adventure of falling for the anti-hero, one stuttering breath at a time.

Grab this limited-edition collection before it’s gone forever!

Authors in this set include:

Alexia Chase, Jade Royal, Lyssa Cole, Poppy Flynn, Amanda Richardson, N. Isabelle Blanco & Murphy Wallace, Charmaine Louise Shelton, Sandy Alvarez & Crystal Daniels, Monique Moreau, Rachel De Lune, Rumor Wilder, Suki Williams, Nicole Banks, Nicole Sanchez, Emerson Parker, Kimberly Ann, D.M. Davis, Lee Jacquot and Vilyn Sky, and Scarlett Finn.

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Category: Collections & Anthologies Romance