The Horse List

by Anna Lores

As her ex-husband stalks her, Ava Black counts the days until she moves far away from him to her hometown. But she has a secret list of naughty wishes she must complete before she leaves—a list that could put her in further danger…

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance


Leveled Up Love

by Tao Wong & A.G. Marshall

“Dating Evolution is the next generation of relationship gaming with a real world twist! Did you ever wish your online skills translated into the real world? Now they can! Follow our quests to level up your love life and earn real life rewards!”

Life was good for Zack Moore until his trustee managed to con him into signing up for DaEvo. Now, the buggy app has taken over his life, forcing him to leave his condo, interact with people in the real world and eat healthy to gain any gaming time.

Problem is, Zack has the biggest tournament of his life coming up. The Star Fury tournament is Zack and his team’s chance of going pro and making a name for themselves.

Now, Zack’s swapping women around like the components of his starship; trying to find the balance between love and DaEvo. Good thing Zack’s a pro at gaming.

But some things can’t be quantified.

Like love.

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Category: Romantic Comedy


The Jaguar in the Mirror

by Rossana Corniel

I’ve made a lot of bad decisions, like getting myself arrested and saying “I do” to a sexy-as-sin drug dealer right after high school. In the midst of it all, I managed to make some good decisions, too.

When shadow-ridden nightmares encroach upon my waking life, my world flips upside down, and I can’t tell what is real from what is not.

I search inside myself for answers, unleashing a powerful force from within that has the potential to face the shadow’s depths.

But those depths hide grave secrets that could threaten the very establishment sworn to protect all of us. Will I find love again, with the one person that can now help me the most? And will I be able to channel my gifts to save not only myself but countless others?

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Category: Paranormal Romance


Following Her: A Stalker Romance

by Natalie Knight

She needs me. She just doesn’t know it yet.
Dalia is the only one who can fix what’s broken in me. I knew it the moment I saw her.
That red hair, those wounded eyes, the irresistible curves…she’s perfect.
She will be mine.
But first, I have to get rid of her boyfriend.
Dalia needs rescuing as much as I do. One day, she’ll thank me for what I’m about to do.
Then she’ll give me everything…
Get ready to fall for James Draper in book 1 of this completed dark romance series.

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Category: Gothic Romance


When the Stars Align

by Isabel Jolie

Love wasn’t in the cards the first time around. When the stars realign, they choose to play a second hand. Can they keep the stakes low, or will someone’s heart get traded?

A second chance romance featuring college exes and surprise neighbors that asks the age-old question: Can Sex Friends Stay Friends?

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Category: New Adult & College Romance


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