Her Guardian Angel (Her Angel: Eternal Warriors Book 1)

by Felicity Heaton

A guardian angel dedicated to his duty, Marcus will do whatever it takes to keep his beautiful ward safe, but when it turns out there’s more to Amelia than meets the eye, will he be able to protect her or will they lose in a deadly game between Heaven and Hell?

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Be My Santa Tonight

by Kathy Coatney

She loves Christmas. He’s a grinch.

In Holly Krueger’s tightknit community of Conspiracy, California, everyone goes the extra mile to help each other, especially during the holidays. Between running her flower shop and organizing the Lighted Ship Parade for the Conspiracy Christmas festival, Holly doesn’t have time to think about what’s missing in her life.

Since Liam Callahan’s last relationship crashed and burned, he’s put dating on hold and focused on his career. But when Holly convinces him to be Santa for the annual Christmas parade, he wants to make all her Christmas wishes come true.

The only thing Holly wants for Christmas is Liam under her tree, but she isn’t sure he’s ready to give his heart. With a little help from their guardian angels, can Liam make Holly’s Christmas wish come true?

Tag along with this heavenly duo & get Be My Santa Tonight, Chronicle One of three Crooked Halo Chronicles Christmas stories!

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Category: Holidays Romance

His Rules

by Ajme Williams

A southern stranger for one night? Yes please.
Don’t have to see him in the morning? Even better.

But what if he showed up again? I could deal with that.
And if he showed up as my boss? Oh boy…

I think this is one big joke.
When I opened the door to his office and saw his face, I knew that my nightmare had come true.
The same stranger who had kissed my curves so adoringly was now looking at me like I was a mistake.
To be fair, I was looking at him the same way.
He was a mistake.
A delicious one.
A grumpy one.
This hot mistake came with consequences in the form of… rules.
Look, I am okay doing hot men, but I don’t do rules.
Not the ridiculous kind anyway.
My boss is determined to make me obey.
And I’m willing to let him try.
Even if the end result is a secret baby that would turn my world upside down…

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Category: Contemporary Romance

His Desires

by Ajme Williams

This is why I wanted to try and resist the hot maid of honor at my best friend’s wedding…

That one hook-up led to one huge decision.
And then a complication that neither of us were prepared for.
Look, I’m a single dad and raising an 11-year-old is not easy.
Lizzy came into my life at a time when I needed her.
When my daughter needed her.
Yes, it was tough to keep my hands off her gorgeous curves.
And it was even harder to ask her to be my fake wife.
But it’s what I had to do.
Besides, the way Lizzy squirms under me has me going crazy.
I’m aware that I’ve created one hell of a mess.
But a part of me feels that this mess is worth the trouble.
Especially if it leads to my fake wife turning into a real one…

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Cop: Jagged Edge Series – Book Two

by A.L. Long

The first time Cop laid eyes on Sabrina Roberts, he knew that he wanted her. It didn’t matter that she was keeping something from him until it nearly cost her, her life. Protecting her was all he could think about. He wasn’t going to make the same mistakes again. Not even Tyler O’Conner, Sabrina’s defense trainer, was going to get in the way.

As Sabrina’s past unravels, Cop’s search for the truth becomes his only objective to protect the woman he can’t get enough of. No amount of protection could prepare his heart against the possibility of losing her forever.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Beautiful Sexy Beast (The Alpha Woman Book 1)

by Skye-Anne Chariss

She built her career up from nothing. Can she risk trusting her heart to another man?
Ruthless in business and at the top of her game, Angela Davidson is a no-nonsense corporate lawyer with a secret. After having her heart broken one too many times, she swore off men forever, vowing to never let herself get hurt again.
As a loyal and trusted friend, Steve puts up with their friends-with-benefits relationship while secretly yearning for something more. He knows Angela’s attitude toward romance – but it won’t stop him from trying.
Still struggling with the emotional fallout from her painful affair in University and her ill-fated relationship with a cold-hearted attorney, Angela has walled herself off. But despite her domineering approach to intimacy, a spark begins to simmer between her and Harvey – one that could quickly spiral into something she’s not ready to face…
Can she bear to open herself up again after so many years? Or will her fear of losing control of her emotions cause their budding relationship to shatter before it even starts?
Gear up for a gripping love drama like no other. Packed with pulse-pounding action and plenty of wild emotions, Beautiful Sexy Beast is a no-holds-barred romance that’s perfect for readers looking for a story they won’t soon forget. Scroll up and grab your copy now!

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Category: Erotic Romance

Ravished By The Royal

by L. Nicole

As the youngest son to King Symon, Garreth is used to going under the radar. He likes it that way. He has no wish to have the responsibilities his brothers deal with day in and day out.

That is until he volunteers to go on a mission for Symon and meets Princess Marie.
Instantly, he falls in love.
He wouldn’t have thought it possible—even laughed at his brothers when it happened to them.
Now, he doesn’t question it.

He’s determined that she will be his.
There’s just one large problem.
Princess Marie is getting married to someone else.
Desperate times call for desperate measures and Garreth won’t allow anyone to claim his woman.

The only ring she will ever wear is his.

The final installment of the Arranged Marriages series is here.
Garreth has a big mountain to climb before he gets his woman, but with a wrong turn or two, he’ll get there. Remember with a Lily book you’ll get a safe read with a happily ever after, insta-love, and an alpha hero who only has eyes for his one and only. Enjoy!

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Category: Contemporary Romance

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