Alpha Magic

by Amelia Shaw

Who knew one little love spell would return so many men…and problems?

With a fear of relationships and a history of avoiding men, I take matters into my own hands…with disastrous results. On Halloween night, I cast the perfect spell to call my soul mate, not expecting there’s actually more than one. And each with his own set of problems.

Now I have three wolf shifters all wanting to claim me: Jackson, the Alpha with a gorgeous face, muscular body, and a jealous streak a mile long; Billy, Jackson’s broody, bad boy cousin; and Darren part warlock, mostly wolf shifter, and all sweetheart. Sounds great…until you know the whole story.

See, wolf shifters aren’t exactly best friends with witches. I’m not sure why they hate us so much, but if this trio finds out I used magic to bring us together, how can I convince them what we feel is real? And not just the effects of the spell?

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Dark Redemption

by L.A. McGinnis

They say kingdoms rise and kingdoms fall…
But I’ve seen the future.
This time, none of us will survive what’s coming.
After a hard fought, bloody battle, the Vampire High Council lies in ruins, and while some say we’ve won the war, a new enemy has emerged from the shadows, impossibly ruthless, dangerously bloodthirsty, too powerful to defeat. Acheron was the first vampire Caine made, and he’s set his sights on me.
He plans to make me his bride. His weapon. His pawn.
He’s the predator and I’m the prey—but I have a secret—six of them, actually.
A king who will die for me. A warrior who will fight for me. An assassin who will kill for me.
And three powerful Elders who owe me their lives.
Though our cat and mouse game has just begun, I refuse to hand our world over to a monster. But when Nikolai offers me an impossible choice, I will I spend one sizzling night with him to save the males I love? Or face a foe I cannot hope to defeat and die alone, protecting my kingdom?

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Blood Claimed

by L.A. McGinnis

Seven years ago, I ran away from my fate…
The enemies who wanted me dead,
And my mate, Rowan Forge.
Leaving was the only way to save him—the only way to save our clan—from death.
But the Vampire High Council found me and dragged me back to the mate I rejected, his brother who despises me, and my best friend, who no longer trusts me. They used to be mine, but I’ve lost them forever.
With my enemies closing in, I’m walking a razor’s edge, compelled to mate Rowan to end a deadly blood feud between our two houses and play the council’s dangerous game.
Forced to keep my darkest secret hidden from the male I love, but can never have—doomed to remain alone, when the men I crave are close enough to touch.
War is brewing, we’re caught in the middle, and my secret’s about to be revealed, whether I’m ready…or not.

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What I’m Looking For

by Karen Grey

The course of true love never did run smooth.
Like, for real, dude.

When a socially awkward finance-hotshot—aka me—grudgingly walks into Boston’s famous Cheers bar to do happy hour with the insufferably misogynistic guys from work, I don’t expect the cute bartender to salvage the rest of my never-ending workday with a cleverly disguised mocktail.

I especially don’t expect him to talk Shakespeare to me.

Fate keeps bringing us together, just like the star-crossed couples in the plays Will loves to quote. But while the chemistry between us may be stronger than a stiff Cape Codder, it’s clear that on paper, the math doesn’t add up.

I can’t help wondering if we’re capable of an ending happier than Romeo and Juliet’s. He’s living in a dream world while my feet are planted firmly on the ground, and I can’t risk my heart again on a guy who’ll bail when the going gets rough.

Even if he does rescue me from a murderous juggling clown.

Fans of Lucy Score and Meghan Quinn will love this smart, feel-good, sweet-and-sexy romcom set in the late 1980’s—an era of big hair and bigger egos.

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Category: Romantic Comedy

Second Chance Romances

by Alexa Verde

Ten sweet, clean, and heartwarming stories featuring a second chance at love. Hours of reading enjoyment — real emotion, faith, humor, and a dash of danger! Reunions, small towns, cowboys, amnesia, mistaken identity, childhood sweethearts, single dads, marriage of convenience, and much more! Each is a complete romance with an uplifting, feel-good, happily-ever-after.

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance

The World Between Us

by Ruth Madison

An overshadowed brother in a wheelchair and a beautiful woman who needs something from him. Is there any chance for love?

Next to his super successful (and handsome, don’t forget handsome) rock star brother, Dylan Sinclair doesn’t expect any woman to look at him for a second longer than it takes to stare in horror at his wheelchair. Especially not a goddess like Stephanie Rowe.

But she does notice him and he can’t help but wonder if it’s because of the access he could give her to his brother.

Stephanie is a woman on a mission. She has a lot to prove to break out of a soul-crushing job and show her family she can be successful on her own terms. Even as she realizes there’s more to Dylan than meets the eye, she can’t get distracted from building a life her parents can be proud of.

And falling for an unemployed white boy who can’t move his own feet is not winning her any points.

But then she discovers Dylan has been keeping a secret that would catapult her to success and everything she’s been working towards . Now all she needs to do is betray his trust.

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Category: Multicultural Romance

Inn In Abingdon

by Donnie Stevens

A 150-year-old love story begs for an ending.
Can an elusive young girl’s love story about herself and a boy during the Civil War reignite Spencer’s creativity to write his second novel at the Martha Washington Inn in Abingdon, Virginia?

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Category: Historical Romance