Adventures On The Forbidden Fert-Isle 1

by Phoenix Rose

An overworked and underpaid office worker needs a holiday. When her friend recommends a ‘special island’ for a relaxing getaway, and tells her she’ll get a great discount, turning down the invite becomes less likely.

What she doesn’t know is what makes this island so special is how fertile it makes all visitors. And the basic, primal urges which come with being so fertile invade her dreams and waking hours with thoughts and images she could never admit out loud…

An increased libido and fertility is only the start. The island speeds up the entire process, all nine months happening within mere hours.

Will the normally reserved, shy office worker be able to satiate her cravings by herself? Or is this one of those times she must admit she needs the help of others to help scratch her itch?

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Category: Erotica

Hot SEAL, Confirmed Bachelor

by Cynthia D’Alba

Master Chief Benjamin Blackwell has it all. Adventure, good looks, skills, and women. Until her. Holly Maxwell is a sexy woman unlike anyone he’s met before. A widow for ten years, she’s happy with her life as a single mother. Her total lack of interest in him has him reaching new heights. Can he overcome the biggest obstacle in his life; her?

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Category: Military Romance

Romance of the Ruin

by Judith Hale Everett

When Lenora Breckinridge, an addict of Gothic romance, discovers a ruined manor in the woods near her new home, she concludes that her destiny is tied to it and throws herself into uncovering its dark history. But she is continually thwarted by Mr. Ingles, the grumpy and mysterious grounds keeper, who seems to have a secret of his own.

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Category: Historical Romance

Loved You Once

by Claudia Burgoa

After a week off the grid, I finally get reception and the first voicemail I hear stuns me. “You’re summoned to Baker’s Creek by the late William Tower Aldridge.” It’s been twelve years since the last time I heard from the Aldridge family. That one voicemail changes everything — I need the money the late William offers.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Beauty and the Beast

by L Steele

“Run my Beauty… If I catch you, you are MINE…”

Michael Byron Domenico Sovrano
The Capo of Sicily’s notorious Mafia company.
My father owed him,
so he took me to repay the debt.
And married me to further his own ambitions.
I hate him, I am determined to resist him.
But what happens when I begin to fall for my new husband…?

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Category: Collections & Anthologies Romance

The Billionaire’s Proposal

by Meg Herga

He’s a grump like no other …
Jay Belgavi. Indian billionaire heir of New York City’s top real estate company. Heartless womanizer. My fake fiancé.
Every woman who works at his company can’t stop swooning over him. I’m too busy nursing my wounded heart to notice. Too bad that when we meet at work, I mistake him for someone else.
I call him names I never should. It ends about as predictably as you could expect.
When we meet again, he has the nerve to suggest we fake an engagement.
The brooding grump who fired me from my much-needed job? Ugh. I can’t stand him, and I’m certainly not going to help him convince his client that he’s changed his playboy ways.
Until …
I learn that my ex is attending my sister’s wedding—and he’s bringing a date.
I tell myself it’s my last resort when I accept Jay’s offer.
I’ll need to tolerate him in a shared room in Hawaii for five days. Surely, anyone can tolerate anything in paradise, right? So, faking an engagement with the most aggravating, annoying man it is.
What could go wrong?
With a fake engagement and forced proximity, The Billionaire’s Proposal is an interracial enemies-to-lovers romance.

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Category: Romantic Comedy

Warrior’s Wrath

by Cassie Cole

A young Pyromancer teams up with five sexy soldiers in this action-packed Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance.

WARRIOR’S WRATH is the first book in the Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance series, Pyromancer’s Path. It features sword-and-bow action, a unique magic system, and all the slow-burn romance you’d come to expect from a Reverse Harem. HEA guaranteed!

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Category: Paranormal Romance