The Prophecy

by Kim Sakwa

She wished for love, family, and a place to call home. She never imagined finding it in 15th century Scotland.
Gwendolyn Reynolds’s career path is secure…so why does she feel so restless? Haunted by recurring dreams, she breaks away on a soul-searching trip to coastal Scotland. But when a storm forces her off the road, she plunges into icy waters, only to resurface in the arms of a handsome highlander.

Scotland, 1426. Fierce and feared, Laird Greylen MacGreggor has yet to meet his match. Eagerly awaiting the woman foretold in prophecy, he never expects her to be a 21st-century stunner with a feisty temper. But when he rescues her from the waters behind Seagrave Castle, his first touch confirms that Gwen is his destiny.

As sparks fly between the unlikely pair, they discover their fate could be both powerful and deadly. Can they overcome centuries of difference to find true love?

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Category: Time Travel Romance


House of Ydril

by Lyra Forger

When I woke up today, I didn’t expect to be kidnapped to the famous Grimm Academy and forced to spend time with a vampire prince.

Quinn is a fighter.

Growing up bouncing from foster home to foster home will do that to you.

When she finds out she’s not actually human, but fae, she knows her old life is a thing of the past. Kidnapped to the prestigious Grimm Academy, she has no choice but to settle into the world of the Originals – vampires, shifters and faes.

And if that weren’t enough, Quinn is selected to participate in the annual Trials – an exploit that has killed many students before her. Trying to balance her efforts to discover her past, and the challenges of this new world, Quinn is forced to spend time with her high-school celebrity crush, the vampire prince Andreas Faust himself.

But there are dark forces at work that are looking to sew destruction, and a mystery that is begging to be solved.

And to make it even harder for Quinn, the handsome prince she used to have a crush on is an entitled asshole who seems to have it in for her.

If you enjoyed Shannon Mayer and Sarah J. Maas, you will find this book unputdownable.

“It’s like Harry Potter for women who like their books spicy!”

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Category: Fantasy Romance


The Love Payoff

by Amelia Addler

He offered me a hundred thousand dollars to be his fake fiancée.
I said yes.

Why wouldn’t I say yes? I needed the money. It’s not greed. It’s being savvy.
Plus, Leo isn’t the sort of guy people say no to. He’s tall, dark, and handsome – the sort of guy women go crazy for.

The hardest part of the sell? Convincing my loud, nosy Polish family that I’m engaged to a man—an artist!—they’ve never met. A man who won’t tell me why he needs a fake fiancée, except to say he picked me because he knew I wouldn’t fall in love.

I should’ve been insulted, but I wasn’t. I thought it would be easy, but now I have to figure out how to tell my fake boyfriend that I’m starting to have some very real feelings for him. And I can only hope I don’t get my heart crushed in the process.

The Love Payoff is a sweet romantic comedy with a smart heroine, an irresistible hero, and the answer to an age-old question: how much is love worth? The perfect vacation read, get your copy and start reading today!

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance


Once Upon a Time: Twisted Sexy Fairy Tales Volume 1

by Lacy Jane

Enjoy this book of very adult fairy tales to keep you warm at night.

The first three books of Once Upon a Time: Twisted Sexy Fairy Tales:

Goldie Locks and the Three Sexy Bear Shifters

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Goldie Locks who had very sexy dreams…

Every night, Goldie has dreams about her fated mates-three sexy bear shifters, but wakes every morning alone and longing for them. When she finally finds her beasts, they are ravenous for her. The sexy, possessive brothers will show her what it’s like to be loved by three passionate shifters who are obsessed with their mate.

This very adult fairy tale is hot, hot, hot! If you prefer your romances sweet and squeaky clean, this is not the book for you, but if you like your romances racy and sexy, this is right up your alley. Three sexy shifters, a strong heroine who knows what she wants, and (of course!) a HEA.

Little Red and the Big, Bad, Sexy Wolf

When shifter Damian Wolf meets Scarlett, he’ll stop at nothing, including using their uncontrollable attraction to each other, to make her his. Will the big, bad, sexy wolf and his human fated mate get their happily ever after? Find out in this modern, sexy take on Little Red Riding Hood.

This very adult fairy tale is hot, hot, hot! If you prefer your romances sweet and squeaky clean, this is not the book for you. On the other hand, if you like racy, steamy romances with sexy heroes and strong heroines, this is right up your alley.

This is the second book in my series Once Upon a Time: Twisted Sexy Fairy Tales. Each book is a stand alone, though characters from the other stories occasionally make appearances. As always, this book has high heat, no cheating, instalove, and (of course!) a HEA.

Enticing Ella

After a night of passion with Prince, Ella disappears. Now that he has claimed her, Prince will stop at nothing to find Ella and make her his bride. Can he save her from her evil stepmother in time? Find out in this sweet, spicy, modern version of Cinderella, complete with a ball, one evil stepmother, a fairy godmother of sorts, and Ella’s adorable little dog, Cujo.

As with all of my books, this contains high heat, instalove, no cheating, and (of course!) a HEA. My books are always a steamy read with HEA guaranteed. Enjoy!

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Category: Erotic Romance