What the Heart Wants: Soulmate Book 1

by Kelli McCracken

A reoccurring dream. A fated encounter. A destiny neither can deny.

Heaven Lewis needed a break—from college, relationships, and her life. After arriving in L.A., chaos thwarted her vacation plans. Encountering a celebrity wasn’t on her to-do list. Neither was dating him. Yet one glance into rock star Dylan McBride’s eyes and his soul speaks to hers.

If Dylan told Heaven he had been dreaming of her for years, she would probably think he was nuts. Still, something about her awakens a desire in him he never knew existed. As much as he craves her, he can’t deny the mysterious connection between them that somehow allows him to sense her emotions.

As the bond between them deepens, Dylan uncovers a shocking secret that threatens everything he thought he knew. Can he find the courage to tell Heaven the truth? Or will looming threats and hidden dangers tear the two apart?

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Category: Paranormal Romance


Someone Special

by Teresa Roman

After Dawn Masters hooks up with her longtime crush at their department’s holiday party, the last thing she expects is for him to dump her right after Christmas. Devastated, Dawn swears off dating for good until hunky police officer Jude Morales convinces her to give him a chance.
He slowly coaxes her into trusting him, tearing down the wall she’s built around her heart. But just as Dawn dares to hope she’s found her someone special, Jude’s own issues, coupled with a serious injury in the line of duty, threaten her newfound happiness and leave her facing the possibility of yet another broken heart.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Orc Bought

by Emma Alisyn Fae

On the run from Fae slavers, the best chance of survival is to submit to the Immortal Sorting.

I’ll be claimed by an Orc in exchange for protection. The price? A life of servitude.

But Commander Uther Bachbracht, fearsome warrior with a hidden tenderness only for me, wants more than a concubine; I’m the woman he chooses to be his wife.

My lies may jeopardize our future, but I have no choice but to trust his honor, no chance to rest before enemies find me.

Either I’ll live by my Orc blade, or die by it, and the Commander is willing to kill to protect what he has claimed.

ORC BOUGHT is a standalone steamy orc monster fantasy romance, for readers who like strong, protective, cinnamon roll heroes, bride auctions, pregnancy, post-apocalyptic alternate earth settings, magic and adventure, and morally gray worlds. Features a pragmatic but vulnerable heroine over thirty-five, a diverse cast, and some potentially sensitive content.

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Category: Paranormal Romance


New Beginnings at the Harbour Inn

by Elise Darcy

What happens when your heart is pulled in two different directions? Who do you choose?
Lili’s life is finally coming together – or so she thinks.
Alex, Lili’s boyfriend has booked a surprise break away on the Suffolk coast. Is this to celebrate their long-awaited engagement – Lili hopes so.
But a chance encounter with the old man who runs the antique shop in Aldeburgh sets Lili on a journey of discovery. Will he help solve the mystery of her past and what happened all those years ago in Corfu?

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance


Untouched Omega

by V.T. Bonds

Giving in to this massive alpha’s demands will not lead to happily ever after.

There is no escape for me. Misery and agony pervade my life, just as decay and sorrow fill my soul.
Yet the male who towers over me offers hope. A hope I wish I could accept.

He’s determined to find our happily ever after, but all I’m good for is nightmares.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance