Rough Gay-Ganged

by E. J. Layne

Inexperienced and handsome Liam is more than curious about men.
He’s obsessed.
Big. Long. Thick. And hard.
He wants them all.
To be shared & used.
Luckily, the older man, Brandon knows just the place for him to get his fill.
He will be the lucky bottom of the night,
But is he really lucky or in for the surprise of his life?
Let’s find out …

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Category: Erotica

One More Time

by Louisa George

Too hot to handle?

Nurse Gabby Radley knows exactly who Mr Max Maitland is – a hot shot surgeon with no strings attached. So, attempting to balance a fling, working together and Gabby’s runaway past equals a relationship with a seriously complicated health warning! Giving in to their sizzling chemistry is one thing, but trusting him with her heart is a different story…

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Category: Contemporary Romance

The Curse of the Crow

by Abbey Fox

Nava Darrion stumbled upon her soulmate when she was young. A brief meeting with a hooded stranger forever bound her to a man she wanted nothing to do with. Her parents were also soulmates, marrying despite her father not being a magic-wielder, their forbidden love forcing their family into hiding.

Now that her parents are gone, Nava’s life raising her younger brother and selling potions to wary townsfolk has been quiet…and magic-free. But when the Society of Crows finds Nava, intent on enslaving her, she flees to the forest, searching for the one person she was told can protect her.

Arkimedes is certainly not what she expected, and her attraction to him is new and unnerving. As the chemistry between them grows, so does her power. With the Society closing in, the two create unexpected alliances, and work in their disagreements. One rejecting magic and the other a powerful, enigmatic fae who has secrets of his own and is determined to change her mind. Nava must decide if she is to follow her destiny or listen to her heart…or maybe discover they are the same.

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Category: Fantasy Romance

Body Check

by Maria Luis

They call me the Bad*ss of Hockey.
The Beast of the Northeast.
And I’m not just referring to my stick play on the ice.

As Captain for the Boston Blades, I’ve spent years working toward bringing home the Stanley Cup.

But when the owners sell us out to Hollywood, suddenly we’re not just playing for thousands of fans, we’re cracking open our lives on a new reality show, Getting Pucked. They want all the dirty details, and I’d rather take a puck to the gonads than peel back the curtains on my life.

Not when it could take me out of the game for good.

I agree to sign the contract on one condition: they hire New England’s reigning queen of media to call the shots.

Holly Belliveaux Carter.

The woman who drives me to insanity and turns me on with nothing but a quirk of her lips and the sound of her laugh. The only woman I’ve ever loved.

The problem?
She’s my ex-wife.

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Category: Sports Romance

Beyond Redemption

by Barbara Nolan

On the sizzling streets of South Beach, Joker needs to make a deal with the cartel to free himself and his son from his outlaw biker club. A chance meeting with a gorgeous mystery woman who hates all things biker quickly ruins his plans.

Daisy’s savvy skills and killer looks make her Miami’s premier con woman, but she wants to leave the game behind. When her plan to get out goes awry, she’s surprised to find a biker of all people coming to her aid.

With his vicious club president and her murderous boss to handle, Joker and Daisy concoct the biggest con yet. Pitting two larger-than-life powers against each other is dangerous enough, but setting them up while navigating their uncontrollable desire proves downright deadly. Soon this pair is out-of-control and teetering on the razor-thin edge dividing what they want from what they need.

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Category: Erotic Romance

To Dream In Daylight

by Candace J Thomas

From childhood, Adri and Simon have always been there for each other, through every loss, triumph, joy and heartbreak. They’re perfect for each other – but there’s an unfortunate catch. They’ve only ever met in their dreams, which means each of them thinks the other one is just a figment of their imagination…

…but what if they weren’t?

All it takes is one little video clip to change their lives forever.

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Category: Fantasy Romance

The Dinner Party: An Erotic Adventure

by Victoria Rush

When lonely divorcée Jade seeks to broaden her sexual horizons, she’s invited to a private dinner event which promises to stimulate all of her senses. Wearing nothing but masquerade masks, dinner guests receive special service under the table while their fellow diners look on.

Intrigued, Jade books an appointment and on the scheduled date drives to a private countryside villa. Greeted by a stunning nude hostess, she’s escorted to a personal spa where she’s sensually prepped for the main event. By the time dinner is set to begin, Jade is already at a fever pitch of excitement.

During the feast, she watches with increasing arousal as an exotic mix of naked men and women are serviced by mysterious sensualists. When her turn finally arrives, Jade is aching in anticipation of what surprises lie in wait while eight strangers watch her have the erotic experience of her life.

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Category: Erotica

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