by Laura Taylor

Lieutenant Azure Lynwood has worked hard to earn his place in the Space Corps, overcoming centuries of bias and discrimination against omegas. Or, at least, he thinks so, until a supposedly routine mission goes awry. An inspection of a remote outpost on Titan turns into a murder investigation, then a blizzard traps Azure and his crew inside the base, cut off from any contact with civilization. And finally, without access to his supply of hormonal suppressants, Azure realizes he has only a couple of hours until he goes into heat. But just when Azure thinks his situation can’t get any worse, he finds out one last, staggering piece of news. Major Tor Savan, his commanding officer and one of the most respected men in the Space Corps, is an alpha.

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Category: LGBT Romance

Bound to Him

by Misty Winters


I am the Under-Boss and brother to the head of the Moretti Crime Family.
My father pushed me into an arranged marriage with one of the Romano sisters in a bid to forge a peace treaty made between our families.
Marriage is the last thing I want, but I have no choice but to marry Viola and honor the agreement, so why can’t I stop thinking about her sister?
When she’s near I lose my edge.
Olivia is not only intelligent but gorgeous.
Her beauty is known far and wide in almost a mythical or goddess-like way.
My Perfect Woman.
Except she is off-limits and I cannot resist. She is the drug I crave although I know she will destroy me.
Tensions rise and war looms between our two families as our forbidden romance delves deeper into an affair that erupts with a passion that explores my deepest and darkest desires.
I must tread lightly and traverse the tightrope that is mafia politics.


I’m the eldest of the Romano children and accustomed to the mafia scene but dislike the world of organized crime and those who occupy it.
I was destined to marry Huxley first, but one wrong decision changed all that staining my hands bright red and causing my sister to be next in line to marry that womanizing bastard.
His reputation is widespread and I don’t like what he stands for. He’s a drug-using player but the hottest man I’ve ever seen.
He does things to me and my body despite his violent ways.
He may be hotter than fire but a true villain lurks beneath all that passion.
Falling for Huxley could not only lead to an all-out war but will also undermine my decision to be with a man like my father.

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Category: Contemporary Romance