Coming Home: A Sweet Small Town Romance

by Leeanna Morgan

Mia is a successful artist, not an event planner. But, with the hopes of more than one child resting on her shoulders, she agrees to help stage a charity gala. When she realizes how important the event is, she knows she’s not the best person for the job—and so will the director of the hospital if he discovers who she is.

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance


The Wedding Cake

by Isabella May

One steamy summer in Spain. One accidentally double-booked eight-tier wedding cake that needs to put in a same day appearance at a rustic countryside finca AND a beachside villa. Two brides. Two grooms. Hundreds of hungry guests.

FREYA ASHCROFT, owner and culinary whizz at Marbella’s five star bakery (and general queen of dating disasters), is going to need a miracle to save this date. If only that was her sole dilemma. She’s also fallen head over heels in love with super hot fitness instructor, TIM NUTKINS… and his rippling abs.

Which would be fine, if he wasn’t one of her aforementioned male clients.

A forced proximity rollercoaster of a forbidden love romance with a sweet happy-ever-after.

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Category: Romantic Comedy


Cruel Lord

by Ivy Thorn

Saint might be my last name, but they’re determined to make me into a sinner.

My father is dead. My home is ash. And my mother and I are one step away from death ourselves. Our only protection against the Devil’s Sons MC? The St. Vincent family, who rule Blackmoor.

When I run into Cayde, Dean, and Jaxon for the first time on the steps of my new prep school, I don’t think twice about it. Even with all the rumors surrounding them, I know how to take care of myself.

But when I embarrass Cayde St. Vincent, I wind up with a target on my back. A target that, unbeknownst to me, is going to follow me way past high school.
When I wake up in their house on the university campus on the first day of the semester with no memory of how I got there, all I want to do is leave. But they’ve got me under contract.
A contract that threatens my life, and my mother’s life, if I break it.
Soon enough, I realize they want to break me.

Cayde St. Vincent. Dean Blackmoor. Jaxon King.
The three heirs to the town of Blackmoor.
And now? My worst nightmare.

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance


Never a Slave

by Elin Peer

What if you accidently slept with the person you detest the most?

Sofia, a tornado of a woman, embraces her new life in London by living out a Saturday night of uninhibited sexual fantasies with a hot stranger. It’s all fun and games until she realizes that he’s the a-hole who hurt her best friend in the past and he’s also her new VIP client.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


The Billionaire at the Door: A Billionaire Boss Secret Romance

by Jenna McCall

He’s her boss. Her very rich, very straight-laced, very professional boss. She has no business imagining him at all, much less naked. But then their work calls turn hot and steamy and everything changes. With his husky voice in her ear, she’s suddenly sharing her deepest fantasies. Now he wants to take their midnight phone calls into real life. She just hopes she’s up for his challenge.

She’s his employee, but that doesn’t stop him from crossing the line. She is everything he could ever want in a woman: clever, caring, intelligent, and wrapped up in a gorgeous package. One he can’t wait to unwrap. He flies her to Vegas, to a weekend designed to explore their attraction. But attraction leads to deeper feelings and he didn’t earn his billions without knowing when to go all in. He can fulfill her every fantasy, but he wants so much more.

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Category: Contemporary Romance