The Fae Queen’s Warriors

by Tara West

My husband wants to kill me, and since he’s king, I’m as good as dead.

Now my one chance of survival, and in dethroning the madman who is determined to murder all citizens of Fae blood, rests in the hands of the Dragon Defenders, fearless rebel soldiers who serve no ruler while guarding the city against menacing sea serpents. It’s no secret I’ve longed for three of them, Titus, Theron, and Quin. Will our mutual desire be our undoing or our salvation?

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Category: Fantasy Romance


A Chance at Happiness

by Ava Greeene

Can Love Overcome Life’s Challenges?

Alina is a free-spirited artist and Dereck is a successful doctor. They’re from different worlds, but they can’t ignore the attraction between them. Caught between the demands of their careers and the disapproval of their families, Alina and Dereck find themselves constantly tested. Balancing their relationship with external pressures proves more challenging than they anticipated.

And then a sudden twist comes along, making them question everything. Can Alina and Dereck figure out a way to make things work despite their differences? Can they find a way to turn their complicated relationship into a lasting love story?

A Chance at Happiness is a heartfelt story about love and finding happiness when you least expect it.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Stalked by the Devil

by Stacy-Deanne

Fear is the name of his game.

Keith looks perfect on the outside: successful, gorgeous co-CEO of a billion-dollar company. Yet Melody has cause to hate him—his arrogance, his controlling ways, and how women he’s been with seem to vanish.
Everyone else is blinded by Keith’s charms, but Melody will do anything to show he’s the devil himself.

Tropes: billionaire, stalking, interracial, love triangle, office romance, first love, second-chance, opposites attract

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance


The Machinist’s Daughter

by Georgia Adler

The Machinist’s Daughter follows the life of Jesse Thomas as she navigates recovery from the trauma of losing her husband and unborn child in a horrific accident that changes the course of her life, sending her down a path that puts her directly in the sights of a mysterious stranger. A year later, as she struggles to adjust to her life alone, a random encounter on social media soon turns into terror as Jesse becomes the victim of a stalker. When law enforcement is unable to impede his persistent harassment, Jesse enlists the help of a friend in an attempt to stop him. Immerse yourself in this thrilling story of one woman learning to overcome grief and battle a man trying to destroy her, while a newfound love awakens her sexual desires and rekindles the fire within her. This story is a raw look at heartbreak and the resiliency and strength of women in the face of adversity.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance


Can’t Make This Up

by Ali Parker

Love is a sham. I’m the bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks. She’s the good girl with a reputation to worry about. The best part? She wants me just as badly as I want her. I’ll tear it all down. As long as she’s mine in the end.

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Category: Romantic Comedy


City of Souls

by Mel Harding-Shaw

Necromancy. Sexy Wings. Secrets.
Bounty hunter Hel’s life depends on staying below the radar. But when the Lord of the City of Souls learns her hidden power is the key to solving his problems, he reclaims her bond-debt and drags her into the spotlight. He’ll protect her secrets on one condition—that she does everything he asks.
Winged necromancer Bastion would do anything to save his city from the magic menacing their world. Even blackmail the intriguing bounty hunter who despises him. As the rulers of the elemental courts converge, he’s not sure who hates him more—them or Hel. The only way to keep her close is to make her pretend she’s his.
With dark magic tearing at the fabric of reality and betrayal lurking at every corner, Hel and Bastion’s fake relationship is the only thing either of them can rely on. But Bastion’s past might just come back to kill him.
And Hel’s might kill them all.

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Category: Paranormal Romance



by Liza Snow

Cassandra, a silk aerialist in the making, dreams to join the world-renowned circus led by her idol, Chandler Moreau. Drawn together by fate and a shared history, mentor and protégé find a love neither saw coming. But as their pasts loom, can they adapt and survive, or will their intertwined lives unravel like the silks they’ve mastered?

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance