Chase Me

by Aidy Award

Jakob is either going to kill the sexy, curvy woman who denies she has The First Dragon’s relic, or take her to bed and drive her as crazy as she’s making him.
Why does he want her so much he can’t even properly interrogate her?
Might have something to do with the way his soul is screaming at him to mark her, claim her, f*ck her, and make dragon babies with her.

He can’t give her his soul if she’s already stolen it, or something darker and more dangerous has.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Wolf Marked

by Alexis Calder

When my true mate rejects me and leaves me for dead, I’m sure it’s the end. Broken and on death’s door, a hot-as-sin feral shifter offers me help at a price. With my former pack hunting me down, even an enemy might be a better ally than trying to stay alive on my own.

$0.99 Previously $3.99

Category: New Adult & College Romance

The Quarterback Shifter

by Emma Wolfe

Welcome to Smoky Hills Academy

#1 in Football #1 in Wolf Shifters
Mom and I just needed a place to start over. Somewhere to move on from the past that haunts us.

Smoky Hills, Tennessee seemed to be exactly what we needed.

Here, I could be invisible.

That is, until quarterback Liam Bronson decides I’m important.

Even though there are plenty of girls who would love his attention, he doesn’t seem to care. The way he stares at me is like I’m the only one that matters, even in a room full of people.

Like he chose me.

Then I discover his secret. The animal that lives inside of him. He tells me to leave. That it’s not safe for a human.

If only my heart didn’t pound when he was around. If only he wasn’t so kind. If only he wasn’t exactly what I need in my life, I could honor his wish.

Lucky for me, I’m not part of his pack.

I don’t have to obey.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Lily’s Little Flower Shop

by Lisa Darcy

Can life ever be a bed of roses?

When Lily misses out on a well-deserved promotion the day her boyfriend is offered a job overseas, she faces a choice: should she embrace an expat life, or follow her childhood dream and become a florist?

Deciding to follow her heart, she moves to the coast and decides to start again. But fitting into the tight-knit community proves harder than she expected.

As she navigates new friendships, financial worries and the pull of returning to her city life, she learns how flowers can bring her the happiness she’s been looking for.

And when romance appears on the horizon, Lily realises she can’t commit until she reconciles her mistakes.

Can she overcome her past and learn the true meaning of love?

Discover this spring’s perfect feel-good read.
Lisa Darcy’s Lilly’s Little Flower Shop is the perfect heartwarming read for fans of authors like Heidi Swain, Holly Martin and Jill Mansell.

$2.99 Previously $3.99

Category: Contemporary Romance

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