Hopelessly Devoted

by A.M. Myers

Logan “Storm” Chambers can’t afford to let anyone into his heart again. Then, his smoke show of a neighbor crashes into his life and he finds it impossible to stay away from her. But the demons of his past might just cost him the new life he’s found.

Alison James has sworn off men after being cheated on by her jerk of an ex but when her neighbor’s chocolate lab gets out of his backyard and tackles her to the ground on one of the worst days of her life, she can’t fight the attraction she feels for the broody, intense biker who lives next door. And he may be the only person who can keep her safe…

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

The School Mistress

by Tess Thompson

1910 found me arriving in Emerson Pass with my entire life in one small suitcase.
Compared to Boston, life wouldn’t be easy in this tiny frontier town.
Everyone was counting on me. My family to provide for them and the mayor to teach the town’s children.
I was determined to make it work, but things didn’t start off well.
A stray gunshot spooked the horses, and I ended up face-first in the snow.
Until rescue came in the strong, capable hands of widower and single father Lord Barnes.
English royalty, older, and affluent.
Despite our rapport and my instant connection with his children, courtship was out of the question due to our age and class differences. Almost as if by fate, our chance at happiness was within reach unless the realities of the unsettled mountain territory tear us apart.

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Category: Historical Romance

The Mafia Princess

by M James

All my life, I, Caterina Rossi, have known my life could only go one way. The college degree, the four years of freedom, all of it has led back to this—my re-entrance into the life that was always meant for me, and a ring like a golden shackle on my finger, binding me to a man who will never love or want me, only use me. That’s the fate of every woman in my position, in this mafia life.

And my fate has led me to Luca Romano.

I hold the key to the most powerful criminal seat in Manhattan, and to claim it, Luca needs me–whether he wants to marry me or not.

But there’s someone else waiting in the shadows—someone who covets what Luca has—and everything he’s waiting to claim.

Someone who wants to steal his mafia princess.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Forbidden Desires

by R. S. Elliot

I’m having triplets with my hot single dad billionaire boss.
And he doesn’t know about them.
Here’s another shocker
My babies’ father is my childhood best friend.
The one I’ve had a crush on since I was eight years old.
And the one who broke my heart six years ago.
If that’s not shocking enough.
He’s also my brother’s best friend.

“Forbidden Desires” is a collection of 6 full Standalone steamy romance novels.
No cliffhanger, no cheating, plenty of steam, and a guaranteed HEA.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Daddy Undercover

by Lydia Hall

Maeve trusts me with every fiber of her being, but I’m being forced to keep a huge secret from her.

I never could have guessed that she’s the woman for me.
And most certainly not when I was signing up for the job.
Being undercover for the FBI means that I have to use her to get what I want.

Her brother is a dangerous man.
And Maeve?
She’s innocent. It’s what draws me to her.
My instinctual need to protect her is coming in the way of my job.
She makes my heart throb against my chest, but I have to get her out of my head.

It’s only a matter of time until everything is destroyed, and she finds out what I’ve been hiding…
But what happens when I discover her little secret?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Swipe of Love

by Adina D. Grey

As the heir to the Weister House a certain amount of perfection has always been expected. And when it was not received, I was sent away. To learn my place, my position in this life.

Now I’ve been called back.
It’s time to take my place, do my duty.

My father destroyed everything.
My childhood.
My life.
My soul.
He destroyed it without a second thought or care because it suited his needs. Now he stands before me with the rest of my life laid out, handing me over to another.

An ancient family tradition that ties them together. A pact made in heaven… or hell.

Will they be able to break the bonds or are they stuck for better or worse?

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